Tuesday, November 22, 2005

King of the Hill

No this isn't a post about being king of any hill or anything of the kind. It's a post about the TV show King of the Hill or for those stuck in french country without access to english tv: "Henri pis sa gang". If you do not know this show it is basicly a show about the live of Henri Hill a texan (or in the quebec version a quebecer) of the typical stereotypical kinda: he loves the USA, drive a big car, find New Yorker stupid, has high moral, is religious and don't want to look bad for the neighbor. (In Quebec: replace reference to New York to Quebec and make him a subburband federalist). Now I either really like this show or hate it... Here is why: if it is a satir I love it, the second level irony in this show is amazing, the redneck guy being almost right even if the vice of modern society would have think otherwise if great. It is in a way a great critic of our society that Hill's vision of society and the more "accepted" vision exist side by side with little or no interaction and that in a way both think themself better. Now it does show that the redneck way seems to be the best but I think that might be an joke on the current stade of american society how it seems to want to go back to more down to earth value closer to the religious one preached by conservative christian

Now if it isn't ironic I hate it. For exactly the same reason, where it would be a great social critic if it was writen with the idea to provide entertainement it becomes a self-righteous pompous show about how their way of life is better then any other. And oh supreme crime (see irony at the Quebec society here) that the USA way of life is supremely good. I know it should stay the same but the reason for the show really would change my visioin of it.

Now I won't talk about the Quebec version, I'm sorry but I hate it when shows are Quebecquised (made to be set up in Quebec, with cultural reference replaced with BAD quebec one). In fact oh supreme irony again this is the kind of thing Quebec's artistic elite acuse the americain of doing to everything AND they say it is a despicable thing.... Am I the only one to find this ironic and silly?

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anyflower said...

I agree that as a satyr, that show is pretty funny. I like Peggy Hill's tall feet!!! The fatso kid is also pathetic. Finally, maybe Boomhauer is the character that makes the most sense in the series.