Tuesday, November 29, 2005

[D20] Evasion

This post is about a mecanic that slightly annoys me in the D20 system the evasion ability of the rogue/roguish character. For those not playing and sill interested in the post evasion work with the reflex save and spell or effect that only give half their usual damage on a successful save. With the evasion ability you completly dodge the effect (and latter with the improved evasion you only get half damage with a failled save). This is a way too powerfull ability in my opinion, so I decide for my D20 modern game to change it to this: character now may have the Evasion: x ability where x is an amount of damage they substract in addition to half damage on a successfull save. Beyond x= 30 you can have the improved evasion:x ability that give yous no damage on a sucessufll save and substract x damage from the full damage on a failled save. In the D&D universe that would probably be too much of a nerf for hight level rogue vs high lvl caster but since the damage potential of caster and equipement will be lower in my D20 modern game it should fit just fine and be more logicial (in my not so humble opinion).

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yofed said...

That's why many people use homerules when they play.