Monday, November 28, 2005

Complain he says!

Today once again the bus I take to school was full, and when I say full I mean that there where people standing and that you barely had place to breath. Now that would not be so terrible except for the fact that this bus goes on the to highway and travel there for over 10 minutes at speed over 100km/h. If a collision would happen well lets just say that I was lucky I would only be gravely injured, but more probably standing up in such a crash would be a death sentence. Now just before the first stop, the driver stood up and told people that this situation was unacceptable but that he and the other driver couldn't do much, it was up to us the public to complain of the danger and condition of the bus.

So basically we have to complain so that the bus compagnie rectify something they know is dangerous. Joy, well let me go and complain and hope I do not receive standard answer: "well you are the only one complaining sir."

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Piccolo said...

I'm with you Asaathi!!! If you want, I'll complain for you!!! and with you! Seriously, that's a situation who needs to be corrected. The problem is really that the bus drivers don't have the power to change that because they are not sitting at a desk all day long taking decisions without going on the field. Yeh, that's the life!