Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not again!

[Disclaimer, the things say here are only opinion, form your own I'm just stating what I think, most is not based on fact and even if some fact might by random chance be at the base of my opinion they do not constitute proof or an attemps at discrimination, mainly I'm just expressing free speach and no I don't care about the correct spelling of the candidates name]

We are supposed to get 4 years periode of freedom, 4 years where we only hear of politician once in a while when they do something stupid or another, 4 years where even if nothing is really done to make things works correctly, existance continu and only the required one new lie a day is pronounced by politician. Now those 4 year we had garanteed by law have been shortened to 17 month! Yes, you know, you understand we canadian will once again have to decide who will direct our country toward financial catastrophe, well-fare cost increase, positively stupid political situation and genarally promoting delusional ideas. I will present to you the candidate:

First, our estimed former prime minister the very honorable but apparently completly blind and impossibily incompent as he couldn't as MINISTER OF FINANCE realise that his OWN people where fraudulusly using taxt payer money: Paul Martin!

Next, he who would like to be our next prime minister, with his abismal level charisma, lack of understanding of the issue Quebecer want to hear, large religious right-wing backing and lack of image management: Stephen Harper!

In third place we have mister smile, who's hope of being prime minister are about as likely to come true as my dream of walking on a planete orbiting Alpha Centaury: Jack Layton

And last, and really least, mister incoherence, who's agenda includes promoting the destruction of the federation on the federal level, doing absolutly nothing worth while while sitting at Ottawa since his party can only be, at best the official opposition in a very strong gouvernement and basicly complaining that Quebec is not special enought in the eye of Canada: Gilles Duccepte!

I think it is time to remove the liberal party from power and to pull the Bloc Quebecois back out of Otttawa but I seriously doubt that the opposition can pull it off. Stephen Harper lack the charisma required to be a people leader and Jack Layton as to convince people he can even win enough seat to form the opposition much less the governement. I fear our governement will be a Liberal majority and that we will continu with our current policy of doing weird thing that only serve to enrich those in power. Unfortunatly I am getting delusionated by the politician and people of Canada, we have not had a really new party in the last 50 years. We seem to fear new idea.. and I'm pretty sure that no matter who we elect it will be more of the same.

But do not think I will abstaint from voting, you can be sure that on january 23 I will be voting, I don't know yet for who but at least I will vote and hope that my vote will make a difference for the better.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

[D20] Evasion

This post is about a mecanic that slightly annoys me in the D20 system the evasion ability of the rogue/roguish character. For those not playing and sill interested in the post evasion work with the reflex save and spell or effect that only give half their usual damage on a successful save. With the evasion ability you completly dodge the effect (and latter with the improved evasion you only get half damage with a failled save). This is a way too powerfull ability in my opinion, so I decide for my D20 modern game to change it to this: character now may have the Evasion: x ability where x is an amount of damage they substract in addition to half damage on a successfull save. Beyond x= 30 you can have the improved evasion:x ability that give yous no damage on a sucessufll save and substract x damage from the full damage on a failled save. In the D&D universe that would probably be too much of a nerf for hight level rogue vs high lvl caster but since the damage potential of caster and equipement will be lower in my D20 modern game it should fit just fine and be more logicial (in my not so humble opinion).

Not getting any telescope time(again)

I got a answer from the Canadien time allocation commitee yesterday about my telescope time request at Gemini. As you probably guess from the title I did not get any time, at all. To add insult to the injury the time allocation comitee made some comments on my proposal that just made me want to scream and simply throw all my phd research out the windows and start painting for a living (and I can't paint!). I reconsidered rapidly but I'd like to take a few moment to express my view of those comments and not this whole process below:

Monday, November 28, 2005

Complain he says!

Today once again the bus I take to school was full, and when I say full I mean that there where people standing and that you barely had place to breath. Now that would not be so terrible except for the fact that this bus goes on the to highway and travel there for over 10 minutes at speed over 100km/h. If a collision would happen well lets just say that I was lucky I would only be gravely injured, but more probably standing up in such a crash would be a death sentence. Now just before the first stop, the driver stood up and told people that this situation was unacceptable but that he and the other driver couldn't do much, it was up to us the public to complain of the danger and condition of the bus.

So basically we have to complain so that the bus compagnie rectify something they know is dangerous. Joy, well let me go and complain and hope I do not receive standard answer: "well you are the only one complaining sir."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Pysicist's Bill of Rights[author unknown]

We hold these postulates to be intuitively obvious, that all physicists are born equal, to a first approximation, and are endowed by their creator with certain discrete privileges, among them a mean rest life, n degrees of freedom, and the following rights which are invariant under all linear transformations:

  1. To approximate all problems to ideal cases.
  2. To use order of magnitude calculations whenever deemed necessary (i.e. whenever one can get away with it).
  3. To use the rigorous method of "squinting" for solving problems more complex than the addition of positive real integers.
  4. To dismiss all functions which diverge as "nasty" and "unphysical".
  5. To invoke the uncertainty principle when confronted by confused mathematicians, chemists, engineers, psychologists, dramatists, and other lower scientists.
  6. When pressed by non-physicists for an explanation of (4) to mumble in a sneering tone of voice something about physically naive mathematicians.
  7. To equate two sides of an equation which are dimensionally inconsistent, with a suitable comment to the effect of, "Well, we are interested in the order of magnitude anyway".
  8. To the extensive use of "bastard notations" where conventional mathematics will not work.
  9. To invent fictitious forces to delude the general public.
  10. To justify shaky reasoning on the basis that it gives the right answer.
  11. To cleverly choose convenient initial conditions, using the principle of general triviality.
  12. To use plausible arguments in place of proofs, and thenceforth refer to these arguments as proofs.
  13. To take on faith any principle which seems right but cannot be proved.

The music genome project

Well here is something I discovered not a long time ago: the music genome project. Basically this is a streaming music "station" on the web where you input song and group you like and they make you listen to songs they think you will like based on the musical quality of the song you inputed. Their selection of song is rather limited (they don't know Symphony X for exemple and I couldn't find any classical artist.) but they still manage to show me a group or two that I had never hear of and that fit right into my taste of music.

So I'd advice you to check it out and see if it work for you, to correctly check it you have to perform a small internet trick but I will not give you more details then that.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

[Silly post] Astronomy is for down to earth people

As the title say I will demonstrate that astronomy is for the down to earth people and not for people as most of you surely belive that have their head in the clouds. First do do astronomy you do not need to be tall enought to have your head in the cloud. In fact it would actually help if you did not as cloud hide stars. Beside to have your head even in low flying cloud you will have to be a few hundred feet tall, and biomecanics has shown that human like body cannot support their own weight at this size. So that at least prove then you do not need to have your head in the cloud to be an astronomer.

Now to prove the first part of this sentence: that astronomer need to be down to earth people. Astronomy means gazing at the stars to understand them. But to gaze at the stars the early astronomer had to incline their head backward which is as you can no doubt experience a very tiring position. Furthermore when you are in this position you cannot look around yourself and as you are standing you present a temping target for predator. To solve both these problem the early astronomer built in a defense meganism, instead of incling their head backward they would lay their body done on the groupe back first. No one does this provide a very good view of the stars it also reduce the standing presence to almost nil making you almost invisible to predators! But more important in this situation it puts you down to the ground... i.e down to earth!

HERE! I demonstrated with an irrefutable argument that astronomers where down to earth people.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

King of the Hill

No this isn't a post about being king of any hill or anything of the kind. It's a post about the TV show King of the Hill or for those stuck in french country without access to english tv: "Henri pis sa gang". If you do not know this show it is basicly a show about the live of Henri Hill a texan (or in the quebec version a quebecer) of the typical stereotypical kinda: he loves the USA, drive a big car, find New Yorker stupid, has high moral, is religious and don't want to look bad for the neighbor. (In Quebec: replace reference to New York to Quebec and make him a subburband federalist). Now I either really like this show or hate it... Here is why: if it is a satir I love it, the second level irony in this show is amazing, the redneck guy being almost right even if the vice of modern society would have think otherwise if great. It is in a way a great critic of our society that Hill's vision of society and the more "accepted" vision exist side by side with little or no interaction and that in a way both think themself better. Now it does show that the redneck way seems to be the best but I think that might be an joke on the current stade of american society how it seems to want to go back to more down to earth value closer to the religious one preached by conservative christian

Now if it isn't ironic I hate it. For exactly the same reason, where it would be a great social critic if it was writen with the idea to provide entertainement it becomes a self-righteous pompous show about how their way of life is better then any other. And oh supreme crime (see irony at the Quebec society here) that the USA way of life is supremely good. I know it should stay the same but the reason for the show really would change my visioin of it.

Now I won't talk about the Quebec version, I'm sorry but I hate it when shows are Quebecquised (made to be set up in Quebec, with cultural reference replaced with BAD quebec one). In fact oh supreme irony again this is the kind of thing Quebec's artistic elite acuse the americain of doing to everything AND they say it is a despicable thing.... Am I the only one to find this ironic and silly?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Recycling vs pub!

Well I am a recycling kinda a guy, a trait I think I enherited from my ex. Doing recycling means every day/week sorting throught all sort of paper to see what can be recycled and what can't. Most of my paper recycling come in handy bag called Publisac, those of you not familar with the concept it is basicly pubs delivered in a bag to your door step. The first thing: here in Quebec the plastic bag those things come in is not in the home recycling list so you have to find by yourself a place where they take crapy plastic bag to recycle. Then I find that more and more ad are printed on glossed paper that ISN'T recyclable here... I find myself having to throw out more and more stuff because of this. It's almost as if pub people thought about a way of stoping people from throwing out their stuff in recycling without reading them. I hate that.

Oh well I guess that mean I'll be putting a no Publisac sing up soon and stop getting all the free pub I don't read anyway. That would solve the problem nicely except that I am pretty sure that the unclaimed Publicsac go into the dump directly instead of being recycled.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Well today post will start with something strange.. materiaslism in RPG and computer MMPORPG. See I was thinking about something totally unlereated to that and I suddently realised (I often suddently realise things must mean my mind is operating on the Chaos Theory XP operating software) that all the fantasy RPG and computer RPG I play are basically bassed on the premisse that more wealth=more power/better individual. The chief offender of this is of course D&D where you need to "follow" a wealth/per character/level guideline if you want to continu using the published material without conversion. Now, this wouldn't be so bad if the power provided by wealth did not overshadow those provided by class level at highter level. In fact it is so prevelant that some DM report that characters would rather die than lose some of their most important stuff/magic weapon. In fact it is a lot easier to get back from the death then to repair/recover a destroyed item (or get back to your own sex if you get gender changed by something but that another weird thing). I'm normally an avid support of RPG has a way to teach values to kids but I find this particullar teaching disturbing, I know there are ways to easilly circonvent it but frankly many people want to play with the rules as writen...

Also that got me thinking about my own materialism, you see I'm a very materialisict guy, I love my stuff and I think that one of my goal is to be able to affort more stuff. Well I won't get stuff for stuff sake but I tend to like to have new toys as they say. For exemple I have two computers right now (well I needed a laptop!), I bought a relatively expensive digital camera for a trip even if one less expensive would have worked just fine. I'm apparantly the kind of guy that like quality and quantity of toys. I try to use all my toy so that they are at least worth the price I paid them but still I think I may be too prone to boy stuff. Oh well one more character flaw for me to work one, that what 2 billion?

I just had a thought perhaps this as something to do with my lack of girlfriend and my too tight criterium for a potential one. I like to have the best I can get in everything, so I probably apply the same reasoning to get the best girlfriend I could possibly get. that might explain it don't you think?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What is the title of this post anyway?

Well since I'm posting somethings again, got bored of not posting on my blog and I figured that my readers deserved a few posts. Beside as I said I was bored. I have a first problem I don't know if I should cut my hair or not, see I used to have something close to a buzz cut now it is long, in fact for the first time in my life I have hair that go lower then my eyes if I let it hang out. Some people (mostly those that knew me from a long time and where in the air cadets with me) thing I should cut it and that I look better with short hair, other, notablu my ex and my females coworkers seems to think longer hair suit me better. Since I don't really mind my hair, I kinda confused on what exactly look better. Personally I don't have any idea, long hair give me a style while short hair give me another. Both are very different so much that some people in my familly don't reconise me if I change my hair. I just realise that if any of you had a manly man image of me I just completly wrecked it with that hair talk.

On a completly unrelated topic I realise something strange about cashier at the super market they are either older then color TV while the rest are barely 20 years old if that. That really freaky, only young girl and senior seems to be working as cashier weird.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

GRRRRR!!!!! or as piccolo would say grou

Well some of you might remember that I planed to participate in the National Novel writing month (also known as november) however my lazy somewhat busy mind forgot that it was to be and did not start the writing process yet because well I just remembered that I had to write AND saw it on an another blog. So my mind is really not in the novel writing frame set...

I'll see what I'll do, look up on this blog to see if I will do a novel or something in the near futur. Also piccolo I never called you fat. However I must say that this week-end you did it quite often...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Rememberance Day

Today is rememberance day, the day we remember our veteran, the people that fought in the battles of the past so that we did not to fight them ourself. Those that lived and died throught the horrors of war so that we did not have to. Those that rose to stand and fight for their country, freedom and belief, to protect the peace and to bring their children a brighter futur.

Remember them, honor them for thanks to them you enjoy the life you do. Remember those that fell for their sacrifice made your life safer. Remember those that fell and those that live for they are the heros of story.

And let us hope that we do not need to had another list of veteran in a new war, but if we ever do let us hope that we will rise in the shadow of the veterant of the past and perform for our children and our children's children this hard duty.

Oh irony...

Last post Piccollo posted the following comment:

For someone with nothing to say... First, you will not find a girl if you're staying in front of your computer playing games...

Second, you can find time to answer my e-mail that I sent you this morning???

So if I understand correctly: I've got to get off from the computer and THEN answer an e-mail I was sent... yes I think irony struck.

Ok, ok I admit it it not really irony since she specify that I have to stop playing games at my computer not just being on it... tho I wonder how she expect i'd find a girl staying in front of the computer answering HER married woman and mother of a little J e-mail... must be a weird woman mind thing that no guy can ever hope to understand.

Cause you know woman are crazy man are stupid but woman are crazy because man are stupid...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well looks like I"m not posting again

Hi faithfull reader of which very few must remain in this world of the internet where lack of new contents for even a day can cost millions of readers (well ok I might not have millions of reader but that analogy stand!). Well there ain't really nothing new in my life and I don't have anything I fell like ranting about and instead of putting up endless mesage saying: well nothing really new, nothing really ranty so check back tomorrow message. I've decided not to post anything. There isn't anything really new or rantish right now but I wanted to post somekind of update.

First another reason for my lack of update is my World of Warcraft game, I'm playing relatively often and it is quite a good game at least up to now, I find that most of the time I get tired of a game after a month or two so we'll see. I'm playing a warlock and a Paladin on a server and a Druid on another, if it was not for the fact that all my friends have lvl 60 character while I'm not yet lvl 20 with any of my character I'm pretty sure it would be much more fun.

I don't have any real ranty stuff to tell, except for my still singleness and lack of prospect to stop this situation. I'm talking to a few girls but nothing really serious or even close to be maybe serious. A little depressing considering some of the comments I received from my ex and woman friends seems to point that I should find someone great... ;-p

Well good day I'll post something else sometimes else! have fun and Good luck to Little J for a quick recovery from surgery and to his parent that love him so very much. In fact I,m pretty sure that if love had a mass we would be in serious trouble as it might create a singulary that would tear appart the fabric of space time! Ok too geeky for an analogy but it's been a while you deserved a geeky part to that post.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Little J

those of you who also follows picollo's blog learned that Little J had his surgery yesterday. I did not want to post anything yesterday not to jinx his changes of getting into the operating room then. But now I want him and them to know that I thought about the little guy all day hoping everything would go well and that he would get into and out of the operating room well and that the surgery would be succesfull.

I also read about their 'adventure' with the social worker and am not impressed at his helpfullness... well I wish Little J and his parents luck on the recovery I'm pretty sure they'll be spending some time with the little guy in the coming days at the hospital. Remember stormcrow and piccolo we are thinking of you and little J.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Worrying, very worrying

While reading the news on CNN this morning I read this... I find it very worrying, very worrying indeed. While I nderstand the matter of national security (even for another nation) and how in a state of war it might be a good idea to keep somethings secrets I am completly against any secrets that involves prisoners of war (or simply prisoner taken in a war if they are not really taken as prisoner of war). Particullary if those secrets involve having those prisoners in another country. That smell too much like a license to bypass the laws. It also sound like the begining of a tyranical regime.. you know with prisons like this your political opponent could mysteriously be snatched by terrorist and since those camp are mostly with foreign intelligence officer the chance of a leak to your home country is theorically reduced...

Very scary, I did not think the world had fallen back to this.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

After lucidity, solidarity and morbidity.

Well you remember the post I did not really comment on about the manifesto: For a clear eyed vision Quebec? if not you can find it here. Now there have been derision, support and discussion about this manifesto but no answer... well until now. I have been made aware from the SRC web site of two answer to the for a clear eyed vision of Quebec manifesto:

Manifesto For a morbid Quebec


Manifesto for an interdependant Quebec

I would recommand you read the three before reading further as I will makes some comments on them and I would not want to bias your ideas and opinions with mine. I will say that I have read the three carefull before making any comments and that I have tried to consider each views.

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Well enough stalling, first I must tell you that the For a morbid Quebec is supposed (according tot he SRC) to be a joke manifesto, a kind of Union response to the for a clear eyed vision of Quebec manifesto but intended as a joke. Now that it is out of the way my opinion this is after all what you came here to see right?

Now I have a bad feeling about the Manifesto for a interdependant Québec, why? because it is only availlable in french and while Quebec is mainly a french province we still count a significant number of english speaker publishing it only under one of the official language hint that they might have something to hide to me. Now that being said I have to say that both non joke manifesto forget the fact that they do not like, bend the fact that they want, disinform on the section they think help their position. While I tend to agree more with the clear-eyed manifesto I must say that the interdependant one makes some good points about how life in Quebec isn't so bad and that we should not throw our whole society plan out the window. The interdependant manifesto present things in a way I do not like, they attack the clear-eyed manifesto and use "scare" tactic like refering to this is what Bush do... and if even this "great evil" does thing like we want them to be done it must be the only way.

My main problem with the clear-eyed vision manifestio is the electricity increase proposition, first it would only mean Quebecer end up paying more for our electricity (our export is good but not yet to the level comparable with Alberta petrolium export) and will not increase the living standard of Quebec. I think that just about everything else they propose should be at least carefully considered and ways should be found to reconcile the economic imperative that will allow Quebec to prosper in the future with the social consideration that give us our hight standard of living.

Now for the joke one, well this joke manifesto scares me a little, first because it use a discrourse I have heard people use, second because some of it's opinion are as valid and as right as the ones presented in the two others. Why does the second part scares me? because people might endorse the rest of the manifesto as real or as a good idea because of that.

Finally here is my final though on this, do not support any of the manifesto, support ideas, learn and research on what you consider important and support those ideas. Do not blind yourself to the words of the opposition but consider them carefully they might be right. Quebec must change to face it's future, my opinion is that those change should take us away from our current socialist base model of society but I do not think we should stray too far from it. It as a good base we should only find way to make it viable on the long run and give it the possibility to follow living organism exemple and evolve with the times and changing condition in the world.