Monday, October 10, 2005

Where is anyflower?

Hey anyone knows where anyflower is? cause I haven't seen her online in a while and I'm not yet at the worried level I'm still wondering what up on her side of the universe (what you did not know the universe is split egaly between me and anyflower? what weird alternate dimension are you from?). Well that my hmm what will I post to about today post it was a close call between this and speaking of the worse thing that can happen to a single person.. however this is much more interesting and as a lot less potentiel to get me in trouble or to get weird comment in my comment section. Oh and you can guess what the worse thing that can happen to a single person is.

Oh and one last thing as she wrote on her blog Yofed is BACK!!!!!!!! yeah you heard righ Yofed is back! I guess we can now call her the blogger formelly know as yofed known known as back ;-p

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