Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still got the damn cold (flu)

It's bein 3 weeks now and I am still coughting like crazy, this week for sure if it isn't gone (wednesday) I'm gonna see someone about that. Maybe I can ask my favorite nurse that hasn't been seen online this week end (I think she's been stolen by mutan alien from outspace) about advices. It's really annoying I can't really sleep because of the damn coughting in the night. Luckily there is a little grey and white thing that keeps me compagnie and makes sure I take care of myself. Thank you Loup.

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anyflower said...

We don't have an exhaustive description of your symptoms here... If you have fever or yellow/green colored spits, see a doctor.

If not tried yet, you could try some cough sirup with codein for the night (especially if the cough is dry). For the day, if your throat is bothering you, try Cepacol spray. If those don't work in 5 days, see a doctor.