Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity and the Notebook

Well here come two movies review. First one things: if you have not seen Serenity yet (it's been out for a big 24 hours what are you waiting for) stop reading right now yes right now and go see it. Yes it is that good, even better if you want my opinion. If you are still reading (which of course you are since you never listen to me) and do you want to see Serenity well you have been warned I could tell spoilers.

Serenity review:

It was a great movie, a really great movie, an Episode IV of Star Wars good movie. Like the firefly series on which the movie is based it is set in an other solar system where a recent war between the central industrialised planed and the outer frontiere like planet. We follow the adventure of the Serenity's crew a firefly class transport that are doing semi legitimate jobs like stealing from a train and simple delivery job. They recently toook on bord a doctor and his sister with a mysterious past. The special effect are great and the story even better, even if we find ourself in a strange futur with a Far West ambiance. Their is also lots of humors in the movie and a great vilain. In short out of 10 I would give it an 10.5.

The Notebook

This is a very romantic movie, kinda sad but excellent. It actually made me cry, the ending is so sweet and sad that I couldn't help it. The story is simple, a man is reading a journal to a woman that has alzeimer disease. The story he reads is very romantic, it is the story of the love between a rich girl and a poor guy. anyway since I don,t want to spoil to movie for anyone that might want to see it I won't tell anything more except that it is a really romantic movie, really sweet and an a great tale of love. I also give it a 10.5 out of 10.

on completly unrelated news: damn cold leave me alone!

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