Sunday, October 16, 2005

A not so typical sunday

Well you must all be close to having hear enought about that damn flu that won't leave me, unfortunatly I'll tell you more about it cause today I had a long and enjoyable day thanks to it. Yeah a nice day sleeping in bed thanks to it... I'm getting really annoy with it so I'll make sure that I'll go see some doctor tuesday and get a doctor opinion on how to kill that annoying flu virus. but shh don't tell it it would try to find a way to survive and annoy me more by surviving. Oh well that the news for today, I hope you had more fun then me.

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anyflower said...

BTW... it's kinda hard to kill a virus. If you want my advice, you probably have a bacterial infection in your throat or bronchies (probably installed there because some virus weakened you system already). Be reliefed, unlike virus, "casual" bacterias are easy to kill with 14 days of antibiotics and their marvellous possible side effects such as diarrea, nausea and tiredness. To prevent the first symptom, ensure to buy yogurt capsules at the same time you buy the antibiotic :o)

The miracle nurse ;o)