Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My next roleplay game!

Well I don't feel like working at the moment so to have a proscratinating excuse let me write about the game I will be DMing in a few weeks/months with my Quebec gaming group. To increase the amongt of time I am in the not working section of the univers first let me tell you of the games I will not be DMing by way of not having being choosen by the group. So here it goes I give you the top 4 games (the 1st one being of course the game my group chose)

4th, Star Wars: Dawn of the Republic

10 000 years before the battle of Yavin the republic was just being born, formed of a few tens of species and backed by the newly born jedi order it was to herald an eternity of peace and prosperity to the galaxy. As if the Force was behind the republic every day brought new species willing to join the galactic Senate and lend their spirit, strenght and diversity to the republic promoting harmony and peace all around the galaxy. The Jedi order, faithfull gardiant of peace and life traveled around those world already member of the republic protecting the innocent, righting wrongs and generally insuring that peace and justice prevailled everywhere. the Jedi order also traveled beyond the border of the republic encouraging by exemple people to join this one galaxy gouvernement, convincing them of the benifits of peace and the value of the jedi as neutral arbiter and defenser of life. It was to be the dawn of the greatest civilisation in the history of the galaxy, it was to be peace and justice for all, but no utopia is even acheived without pain or easilly. Dark cloud obscured the futur of the Republic into the force, the strongest of the jedi master felt a shadow approching a shadow the like of which the Jedi Order had never dreamed of.

3rd, Scarred Land: Darakeene

The Divine war has spared the militaristic land of Darakeene, no armies of titanspawn had burned it's town or poisonned it field. It as stood firmly behind the gods sending it's war college trained soldier into every battle, insuring victory when defeat should have been the outcome. Now, 150 years after the end of the Darakeene is a nation in turmoil. It's aging king has no heir, rebellion is brewing in most of it's province, a new god: That which Abide is gathering worshiper. Treats from beyond the border are raising, titanspawns long hidden in the inhospitable land beyond Darakeene's border are stiring and thristing for revange again the untainted land. It's one proud navy having deserted to built a new country Darakeene is on the verge of collaspe, on the verge of civil war on the verge of dying... Darakeene needs heros.

2nd, The Ironkingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy

Welcome to the mechanika revolution, when arcana and machina are combined to improve the life of all that live on the land. Steam and mecamagical power bring advanced in science and magic never thought possible by our ancestors. Railroads and steam mills provides communication and work for hundreds. But steam and mecamagical power also bring wars, titans of steel, magic and steam walk the battle field, the warjacks, new gods raise to herald the coming of new powers. Old god stirs not willing to simply lie down and die, the Iosian recluse and secretive seems to be preparing for wars. The necromantic construction of the dreaded dragon god raids with ever increasing number the coast of the Ironkingdoms. Truely we live in an interesting time.

1st, Reality Disfunction

2005 announced itself to be just another year. Science was progressing steadily, the internet was becoming ever more present in the life of humans, nothing that couldn't have been predicted by observation. Nothing until june 7th, every television screen, every radio, every computer broadcasted a single message: "People of Earth, for millemium the Illuminati as keept your birthright from you. In the old day, the stole Earth's magic, stole the power that should be yours and sealed it away in the jewels of Zarkenjisk. Today, friends and fellow human I give you back what his yours!" From the middle of the atlantic a energy waves burst and circled the earth changing everything. People found themself transforming, becoming elfs, dwarf, minotaures, orcs and other mythical creature, city suddently found their underground spreading, widening becoming ever more complex and plunging deeper into the Earth. Creature appeared, creature thought legendary or impossible, Manticores, unicorns, bassilisk, even Dragons burst forth into the land. Lastly even more catastrophic and life changing... magic returned to the world.

I must say I am very enthousiat about that last game I'm pretty sure I can make it a great game I just need to find a story to tell ;-)

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