Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Knife of Dreams

Well my social life just left the building, I got the new Wheel of Time book by Robert Jordan Knife of dreams. If you do not know the serie it is very a currently 11 book long fantasy serie. It's a really great serie and as the advantage of being very catching you start reading one of those book you can't stop until the book is done and then you need the rest of the serie! kinda annoying but still fun I love book sof that kind gives me something to read and immerce myself in when I fell like escaping.

On another note I just spend the whole day with Hubert Reeve the astrophysicist. He was a Ulaval for two conferences today and as an astronomie student I was part of a diner with him after his first talk. Both where quite interesting and even if I see the man every year I am always impressed with his skill at communication and making science interesting and simple for everyone. His first talk was a general public talk, the room seats 400 and there was about 100 peoples standing, quite a feat and impressive for a physic talk.

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