Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knife of Dreams finished

I just finished knife of dream. Frankly I'm a little at lost on commenting about this book. It is a good book but something feel rushed. A lot of things happen in the book (things I will not talk about in case someone amongts you decide to read that serie). I still think that Robert Jordan cannot finish the serie in one more book (rumors say he doesn't want to finish at volume 13... superstition or another thing).

The end of the world is supposed to be coming and things are falling appart but not enought for me to belive that the end of the world is there. In fact quite the opposite things seem to be going the hero's way like never before well almost never before. Oh well I'll be waiting for the 12th one or for Feast of Crowd in the Song of Ice and Fire serie (another really great fantasy serie)

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