Friday, October 21, 2005

Keyboard problems thank god!

My other computer (yeah you know I'm a bi computer kinda guy I have a MAC and a PC) caused me quite a scare... it wouldn't boot and showed sign of either a mainboard failure or a keyboard problem. So after a few check I couldn't find anything wrong with my keyboard. I started to be quite scared as I cannot affort a new motherboard (wich would implies a new CPU, new memory, new video card, new sound cart and probably new hard drive..., a few hundred dollards that I do not really have rightg now). So I tried a last desperate check of my keyboard I used my old computer (now my sister's computer) to try to boot with my keyboard... and it failled!!!! so that means my keyboard is posted! thank god (well my motherboard still my be busted by the chance of that are now much lower.) so tomorrow I'll go and get a new keyboard (as even if my motherboard is busted I still need one) and hope for the best I don't know what kind of keyboard I'll buy but I'm sure I'll find something.

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