Monday, October 17, 2005

Interesting things

Last night while reading a good book (well not really a good book more like a rule book for D&D but my geekiness is already high enough) I was watching a documentary on the raise of Fascism in britain between the two world war. Since I am not very informed on the history of europe in the last century I did not realise how big a movement fascism as been. Oh I knew that every where in the world people talked about it and even that some political parties existed but not the extend of which this mouvement went. The documentary also went over some of the factor that promoted the raise of fascism and some of the scariest thing is that many of those factors are begining to come back in our lives. All that would be needed for fascism rebirth (in my opinion) is the raise of a charismatic leader.

But then again most political mouvement needs a charismatic leader or figure head at the moment. Still I belive we should be worried that the factors are once again begining to arise that could lead to the raise of fascism or things of that nature.


Falconmyst said...

Interestingly enough I think we are becoming idea we originally fought for freedom against; a religious state. Bush said we're fighting the war cause God told him too, and a Supreme Court judge nominated because of her religious stance. Hummm?

anyflower said...

You can also read my last blogs. That's part of my concerns lately.