Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Homogenising population...

I've noticed something I find disturbing but that I can't really find bad.. well I'm not sure how I can find it as in a way i can see how it is good but I can also see how is bad. You see I've begun to wonder about the way we try to be fair to everyone. If we noticed we try to be fair to everyone by providing exactly the same thing to everyone. Being fair to everyone is an important thing for a society to be equitable and well fair but... I fear that this providing exactly the same thing to everyone undermine one basic thing about our society we are not exactly the same person so we do not need exactly the same services. Now it is fair but it is not what we need and it as a at least in my mind frightening corollary, it tries to force people to be exactly the same to homogenise population and how they thing to remove things that are different opinion that are different. By forcing everyone to conform to the same services we are in a way using the database to try and update reality.

Sure once again I complain without a solution and I'm very aware that until I (or someone smarter (or not) then I am) find a better solution it is better then unfair services to everyone. Still I belive that we need to strive for a greater personalisation of the world while retaining the idea that everyone is also responsable for their place in society. In a way a kind of symbose-like society, it provides the individual for services the individual needs and cannot provides for itself while the individual tries his best to be a part of the society and improve his lots and the lots of other and the society throught his action.

I have a very hard time putting this into words as I am not quite sure what I think would be best and how it can be explained. Or exemple of the problem... or even the source of this reasoning... it's annoying.

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See my blog for a (long) answer!