Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hmm internet trasmiting a virus?

Those of you also reading anyflower's blog have come across this post yesterday, this post which seem to implies that I somehow magically gave anyflower a cold from all the way across the internet throught sillicon chips and optical fiber. Not to mention all the other router old copper wire and security measure to stop such biologicial virus from passing. Of couse being intelligent logical being you do not belive for a second that this could be possible, you search for the truth which probably is that she spend a little too much time sailling and not sleeping and as such her immune system is weakened allowing any small virus hiding in her roommate aseptic appartement to latch on to her as a last refuge.

You of course would be wrong, my super cold virus that can be targeted and transmited throught the internet is now working soon I will dominate the world!!!!!!MWUAHAHAHAHA but don't worry I'm a kind dictator, I will only kill people on the first day of the month and I offer free health care to anyone that can survive a week in Quebec hospital without catching some weird jungle disease. And beside thanks to my blognotisation techniques you will all be under my powers... which reminds me: You are in my power you did not read me admiting that I transmited a super cold virus, it is just the local answer of anyflower under dirty appartement that caused her cold. you will not remember being blognotised.

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