Thursday, October 06, 2005

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Well it seems it is a great week for me and movies. I have watched Final Fantasy: Advent children and it is a great really great movie. Well probably if you haven't played the game Final Fantasy VII you won't find it as interesting but since I really loved that game (one of my favorite Final Fantasy game... yeah there are enought of those game that you can really get a favorite!). they every characters (including Cath!!!) and the battle scene are Final Fantasy amazing (yeah, that between Star Wars Amazing and oh my god this is the end of the univers Amazing, the only thing above those thing is the Asaathi Speachless amazing which actually never occurred in then history of the universe.. well it happened once but just at the moment of the big bang so it was before the history of the universe)...

In short I loved the movie... and I am kinda jalous of anyflower, she apparently found a great guy just a few months after her divorse and I can't seem to meet anyone so here I'm jalous of her! ;-) Well no not really I'm very happy for her but I'd like to have the same chance.

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