Friday, October 14, 2005

Enough with the geek post! [well once more]

well as I told you tuesday I'm going to be DMing a D20 modern game about magic coming back to the world in a blast. Well what you do not know (well if you do know tell me how and we might be able to cash the 1M$ price for proof of psychic powers!) is that I do not know the system and how it works (see me post on the reality in RPG guy for why this is important). Now I just learned the system, well what can I say I read fast, and there is a part that I do not like the magic system. D20 modern use a simillar magic system then D&D which even if it's not a bad system it surely will not transmit de feel I want for my game (I want it to be high discovery, high magic, dynamic ever changing magic in short I want a Mage the Awakening like magic system).

So tonight I've decided that I would great a feat/skill based magic system for the D20 modern game I'll play. It will involve the spellcraft skill and you will combine different powers (like energy, influence, defense or stuff like that it is still kinda nebulous) to get a difficulty for your effect if you can manage a spellcraft roll againts that DC you cast the spell if not well it doesn't work. I'm thinking of putting an Hit point cost as a balancing factor or something of the kind. I hope my player will like it.

On a not related note congradulation Anyflower on your new appartement!

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