Sunday, September 25, 2005

unimportant annoncement

Well I am officially out of my last appartement, today I put primer on the walls and cleaned my last appartement. Well I had a lot of help from my parents (thank god for parents willing to help their children move and paint), who luckily did a lot of the work. But now I felt like I really moved out of that place and into my new appartement. That kinda like feel like a new begining in a way, a new step in my life for some strange reason. Well not really strange reason I guess the reason is pretty straight forward, my last place was a place I shared with V and kinda like built, painted, decorated by us for us (well mostly V, nah not really). So it wasn't a me kinda place and now my place will be an Assathi like place.

Well maybe a Asaathi and futur roommate place but for now it's a me place.

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