Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some news from me since I've been silent

Well I haven't posted for a week so I think it is time for me to post something. First, I moved out to my new appartement. I will post the picture in a few days when I have finished placing my stuff in, it looks quite good but with box everywhere you probably won't get the correct idea. So that is the first thing that happened saturday. The second thing is sader, my grand-mother died. She was very old, and for the last few years her health and her faculities have steadilly declined, saturday her condition worsen dramatically. We learned she had fallen ill at around 14h and 3 hours latters she died. In a way I think it was a relief for her she had been in constant pain for the last year and the last few days where particullary bad. I will miss her presence even if I was never really close to her.

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