Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not feeling so well..

I've been feeling sicky those past few day (about a week in truth) you know coughting, mild congestion a mild case of the cold... or so I thought. In last 24 fours hours that mild case of cold as gotten much less mild, with heavy coughting, probably some fever (nothing dramatic but enough to feel hot or cold at weird moment), headaches and generaly not feeling well. To add to my not feeling well, I get random down in my motivation. I work for a few hours and then get kinda depressed and can't work for an hour or two. That not too bad but with the feeling physically sick this is really annoying. I'll get over it surely when I'm done with my urgent work for friday, I hope.


Piccolo said...

I think this is the time for a day off. Go in front of the t.v., with a blanket and some good movies. You'll work better when you'll feel better.

yofed said...

You must have gotten Nanoo's cold.... everybody is sick in Halifax..... Good luck!

anyflower said...

If it gets worse, you know where to find a nurse ;o)