Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dilema, dilema

Well now I have a problem... a simple enough problem I would say but still a problem I don't know what color to paint my new appartement.. and I want to paint it this week-end (so if you are in the Quebec area and know me and want to help give me a call... please,pretty please!). Since I am a lazy person and I don't want to paint the appartement every year I have to get colors I will like and be able to live with for a least a few years. Right now my biggesst problems are over the master bedroom and the living room (the rest I can handle with boring old neutral colors), I don't want them in neutral color but I can really figure an arragment of colors that would fits.

My current idea is to go with a cocooning set-up using earth tone for the living room and warm-romantic/calm tone for the masterbedroom. But it isn't working really well for the moment... particullarily for the bedroom, right my best idea (best does not in any denote good) is something like orange-red wall, gray-beige doors and blue ceiling. The living room (and kitchen for that matter) is pretty much set to be a dark earth tone on the bottom of the wall, lighter earth tone and between the two a red seperation. Should look great but I'm not yet sure what, earth tone exactly I want...

Well if you have any ideas I'll listen to them. and in the end probably end up with a psychadelic looking appartement. would be fun no?

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Chibithulhu said...

Chibithulhu suggests you paint the walls in batrachian greens and unwholesome yellowish-purples in keeping with the tales of H.P. Lovecraft.