Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anoter year, another crop of students

Well another school year start and a new bunch of futur physisict enter the wall of our not so venerable university. With this new year we also have a millenia old tradiation: the initiation. This year the aspiring physict student are dressed as chicken.... yep no idea what is the link between physics and chicken but they do look quite funny. They have a big yellow beak, some feather (actually a number of feather that is the result of an integral.... ) padded butt, yellow shows, tight to give them chicken legs and a punger as a tail.

No, I don't have picture I really should have brought my camera but you know how I am forgetfull and all. ;-)

On another note, I had quite a good game last night... ok I was only usefull as a taxi and diplomate but still it was fun. Oh and Nagashinou is back with his croonie Ernique... if that means anything to you.

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