Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tomorrow's holiday

In my universe tomorrow will be do not wear a purple hat with pink flower and brown bear hand drawn on the back day. So I encourage you all to follow this culturaly significant day and not wear a purple hat with pink flower and brown bear hand drawn on the back. It is very important to my univers survival and cultural distinction, you see this holiday was invented 200000 picosecond ago when a demon wearing a purple hat with pink flower and brown bear hand drawn on the back appeared and started to remove the law of my universe by saying things like deadline and you have to hurry while increasing the work load the unverse had to perform in order to stay incoherent. The demon was eventually defeated on the day of tomorrow by having it drink a very hard mixture of paint, labatt 50, light beer and water while making him think it was the most weird of drink: green milk (which his way weirder then blue milk! blue milk was used in a galaxy far far away a long time ago, while green milk will only be used in the futur in a galaxy that doesn't exist anymore!).

So in short, PLEASE! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PI don't wear a purple hat with pink flower and brown bear hand drawn on the back tomorrow.

Thank you, that was a public announcement of the asaathi workload is making him loose coherence and rational thoughts. We now return you to your completly non-random and non-logical reality. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not feeling so well..

I've been feeling sicky those past few day (about a week in truth) you know coughting, mild congestion a mild case of the cold... or so I thought. In last 24 fours hours that mild case of cold as gotten much less mild, with heavy coughting, probably some fever (nothing dramatic but enough to feel hot or cold at weird moment), headaches and generaly not feeling well. To add to my not feeling well, I get random down in my motivation. I work for a few hours and then get kinda depressed and can't work for an hour or two. That not too bad but with the feeling physically sick this is really annoying. I'll get over it surely when I'm done with my urgent work for friday, I hope.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I've been in the mood to listen to classical music, not just any classical music but grandios epic kind of classical music (kinda like Ride of the Valkiries or things like that) but sadly I suffer from a lack of that kind of classical music. So you, (yofed, picollo and even you anyflower!) my music knowing friends have to suggest some that I could listen to. The best suggestion will get a personalised post on my blog, yes, the suggestion I like the most will have it's very own entry in the magnificient words of my blog! Ain't that a great price? well probably not but hey it's just about all I have to offer ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Feeling silly but no inspiration

That annoying I want to post something really silly because I find myself feeling that I want to be silly in a weird sort of way, but for some reason I don't have any inspiration to post anything sorry. The Weird side of the force has left me.. that must be because I don't have a master, an apprentice and a foo because you know always pi they are a master, an apprentice and a foo. The foo is always the most powerfull of the three in the weird side of the force.

On a completly unrelated topic I just heard something strange on a podcast (the infidel guy) I listen too, first that woman orgasm help woman keep a flat stomac. Apparently unsexually satisfy woman uterus expend and having orgasm force it to contract back. Also, apparently shallowing after a fellatio is good for depression and fertility for woman. Good news for guy but I think woman might argue about that.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

unimportant annoncement

Well I am officially out of my last appartement, today I put primer on the walls and cleaned my last appartement. Well I had a lot of help from my parents (thank god for parents willing to help their children move and paint), who luckily did a lot of the work. But now I felt like I really moved out of that place and into my new appartement. That kinda like feel like a new begining in a way, a new step in my life for some strange reason. Well not really strange reason I guess the reason is pretty straight forward, my last place was a place I shared with V and kinda like built, painted, decorated by us for us (well mostly V, nah not really). So it wasn't a me kinda place and now my place will be an Assathi like place.

Well maybe a Asaathi and futur roommate place but for now it's a me place.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sister Britney [silly post finally!]

I was talking with Yofed and she told me that she dreamed of being either a nun or a sucessfull signer. So that got my mind thinking... what would a sucessfull nun signer looks like, yofed tried to break my fun by telling me of a signing nun that sign orthodox hyms but that did not work so here is what I thought about:

Version 1: We have a pop signing that is a nun... a sort of 18-20 girl that choose religion, became a nun and to repopularise the catholic (or another church with nuns) decide to spread her message throught pop song... We would have that pretty 18-20 girl (think of a Britney Spear kinda girl) signing something like :"Bless me baby one more time!" or "I'm a slave for God" or "From the bottom of my god loving hearth" in her nun outfit while scandly (by scandly I mean that you can see a few millimiters of skin) glad man and woman danced suggestively behind her (by suggestively I mean in a catholic faith like maner, you know praying, walking down the aisle and after a mock wedding sharing their first missionary style night of happiness...). I can see the cover of her album showing her diffamously showing her ankle under her skirt and moving more daring from her with the last one showing a shoulder! We could have special show where priest and other nuns pass the communion around the cheering crowd, reading of the good book in the middle of the show.

Version 2: We have a pop signing that is a nun... a sort of 18-20 girl that choose religion, became a nun and to repopularise the catholic (or another church with nuns) decide to spread her message throught pop song...We would have that pretty 18-20 girl (think of a Britney Spear kinda girl) signing something like :"Bless me baby one more time!" or "I'm a slave for God" or "From the bottom of my god loving hearth" in her modified nun outfit, it is a clingly skintight almost transulsit black fabric. In fact in some light some of her fan swear they saw some skin. On each side of her dancer dress as nuns and priest in the same skin tight things except instead of they are real young priest and nun that for some reason know how to dance and want to give a younger face to the catholic church. She would hint at sexuality while not giving any and making sure the message of god goes throught with mariage and the 10 commandement.

Now, wouldn't that be a funny fresh idea? Well maybe it isn't a good idea but it would be a fresh idea no? at least it's silly?

No witty title

I couldn't think of a title so you get the no witty title one. Don't want to? well propose a good title for this post and well that pretty much it. Yesterday was my grand-mother funerail, a formal affair where I realised that this side of my familly was way bigger then the other. There must have been over an 100 people there. What really struck me was the number of very young children, one of my cousin as 2 (one around a year old) and is pregnant with another (all boys from what I know.. poor little her), the wife of another cousin just had a daughter (4 months old at the moment) and another one of my cousin is preggant with a daughter. I think this is fantastic, more and more young children! Those are fun ;-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some news from me since I've been silent

Well I haven't posted for a week so I think it is time for me to post something. First, I moved out to my new appartement. I will post the picture in a few days when I have finished placing my stuff in, it looks quite good but with box everywhere you probably won't get the correct idea. So that is the first thing that happened saturday. The second thing is sader, my grand-mother died. She was very old, and for the last few years her health and her faculities have steadilly declined, saturday her condition worsen dramatically. We learned she had fallen ill at around 14h and 3 hours latters she died. In a way I think it was a relief for her she had been in constant pain for the last year and the last few days where particullary bad. I will miss her presence even if I was never really close to her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On alternativy energy sources

I've being thinking lately about all the aternative to fossil fuel. You know really thinking and frankly I find that the answers are kinda depressing. First, aside from the fact that the alternative fuel will cut/remove our dependance on fossil fuel there is not really any advantages to most alternative fuel. Everything that implies burning carbon based compound (such as oil, bio-dieseel, methanol and everything organic basicly) end up producing CO2 and H2O, two very efficient green house gaz. (I think in fact that water vapor is a more dangerous green house gaz than CO2). That means that if for exemple every vehicule used methanol, we would still produce dangerously high level of green house gaz.

Another alternative would be hydrogene as a fuel, well the combustion of hydrogene produce water vapor, which as I said before is another green house gaz. Finally there is electric car, well then we have to produce the electricity and that as most/all energy production methods produce polluction in one way or another.

The point of this post is not to say that the current green house/pollution crisist in unsolvable but to get people to think a little more long term about the effect of the new fuel source. Our main problem is not really the one car or one fuel source, it is the fact that there are over 6 billions of us using a fuel source that produce pollution. I wonder if it is possible to keep our technology and standard of living with that many people on the planet, in fact I wonder if any standart of human living can be maintained on the planet with the number of human there are now. Remember also that the number of human is constantly increasing...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A week end!

I just spent the last week end trying to follow Chibichtullu suggestion for the paint job at my new appartement... unfortunatly it didn't work, it turned out looking quite well in fact. Too bad I'm not done yet.. I planed to move in next week end, well I'll just have to paint some more during the week..

Once it is done I will post before/after pictures (unfortunatly the before picture where taken after the cleaning was done and cannot show the "horror" of the color) it should be before saturday or sunday.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dilema, dilema

Well now I have a problem... a simple enough problem I would say but still a problem I don't know what color to paint my new appartement.. and I want to paint it this week-end (so if you are in the Quebec area and know me and want to help give me a call... please,pretty please!). Since I am a lazy person and I don't want to paint the appartement every year I have to get colors I will like and be able to live with for a least a few years. Right now my biggesst problems are over the master bedroom and the living room (the rest I can handle with boring old neutral colors), I don't want them in neutral color but I can really figure an arragment of colors that would fits.

My current idea is to go with a cocooning set-up using earth tone for the living room and warm-romantic/calm tone for the masterbedroom. But it isn't working really well for the moment... particullarily for the bedroom, right my best idea (best does not in any denote good) is something like orange-red wall, gray-beige doors and blue ceiling. The living room (and kitchen for that matter) is pretty much set to be a dark earth tone on the bottom of the wall, lighter earth tone and between the two a red seperation. Should look great but I'm not yet sure what, earth tone exactly I want...

Well if you have any ideas I'll listen to them. and in the end probably end up with a psychadelic looking appartement. would be fun no?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Batman Begins... IMAX style!

Well last night in a spurr of the moment thing I went with a friend to see Batman begins in IMAX. It was the first time I saw the movie and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it is a great batman movie. In fact it is the best batman movie I have seen. Well that not saying a lot since the other recent batman movie where really bad but hey that still something.

On another note, I think my criterium for woman beauty have been lowered... or maybe there is a whole lot of really gorgeous woman at the university these days. Just thought I would share this with you.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anoter year, another crop of students

Well another school year start and a new bunch of futur physisict enter the wall of our not so venerable university. With this new year we also have a millenia old tradiation: the initiation. This year the aspiring physict student are dressed as chicken.... yep no idea what is the link between physics and chicken but they do look quite funny. They have a big yellow beak, some feather (actually a number of feather that is the result of an integral.... ) padded butt, yellow shows, tight to give them chicken legs and a punger as a tail.

No, I don't have picture I really should have brought my camera but you know how I am forgetfull and all. ;-)

On another note, I had quite a good game last night... ok I was only usefull as a taxi and diplomate but still it was fun. Oh and Nagashinou is back with his croonie Ernique... if that means anything to you.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lets start the moving process!

Well, I did not think it would happen this year but as you know I'll be moving in a few weeks... that means I have to start the moving process well like today... lets use that long week end to do something productive. So from today foward I'll be in the process of packing things up so that I can move hopefull around the 15th of september. Everyone that wants to help are welcome to come but you have to know that most of my stuff is books.. so expect lots and lots of heavy box filled with way too many books.

Yep I'm a bookworm... I love reading books and I love owning book I don't know why but I find it more satisfying to read MY book then to read a library book... must be my weird materialistic self asserting itself. DOWN MATERIALIST SELF DOWN! ;-) Good day.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dream fracking theater!

As anyflower knows last night I went to see the Gigatour at the Bell center in Montreal featuring DREAM THEATER! The shows started at 16h30 with at first two groups I don't remember the name of.. the first one was bad musically but good for a show, lots of energy even if they seemed unable to do something other then fuck... the other group well... not as good. Then came the first groups I really wanted to see: Symphony X, great performance but the crowd got a little too much in the show so the sound was crappy. but still GREAT show. After that we had Nevermore... not bad but not impressive... then we had Life of Agonie, who's music an presence on stage can be describe by their name, I am trying to represse that memory you know...

Afterward the bigs name started coming.. first Fear Factory, I didn't know them all that well before the show but they were good..... and a great introduction for Dream Theater! We where supposed to have a little 90 minutes alone with them... we ended up with close to 2 hours with amazing performances... It was a really great show and dreams really know how to work the crowd. They played from quite a few of their album, mainly the last two but we had a few performance form Scence from a Memory and Metropolis. So in short IT WAS AMAZING!

oh and afterward Megadeth played... but I was on a too big Dream Theater buzz to realise it.... yes, dream is that good.. Dream is DREAM!

So well that the reason there was no poste yesterday... too much fun listening to dream.. now I have a rage of listening to Scene from a memory in loop.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Opinions are bad. [longuish]

Well, you might all know that I am a supporter of freedom of speach. You might also know that I supported the french station CHOI from Quebec. Today, the federal court of canada ruled that the CRTC decision was correct, that the opinion of one man (who is no longer on the air or employed by the station) that resulted in 92 complains (over 2 years) were justification enough to close the station. 92 complains, most of which anonimous or from competing stations when the CRTC received over 4000 letters of support from the publics. Letters of support that where signed and came from people who identified themself and gave contact information. 92 complains which his according to one Toronto's radio jock (who's name escape me at the moment but he did an interview with Jeff Fillion at the begining of this crisis) far less then what the average Toronto station received in a year.

Countless thing that I personnaly consider a violation of due process in an earing to close the station. From one of the official SLEEPING during supporter presentation, to removing the right to built a defense to the station owner. They even IN THEIR JUGEMENT (french version, change FRN to ENG to get the english version) where according the CRTC document they have to consider all information in their entierty and context they use the following: ... at the begining and end of a part of text. How can they claim that it is complet when they are cutting part of it?

Sure, some people do not agree thinking that the words said on CHOI more then justify the treatement, some of those people might even have the right to say this as they have listened to the station and heard for themself. We are supposed to be a tolerant country, acception of all views and all people of earth... yet it feels like this tolerance only extant to those it is fashionable to be tolerant about. A classical case of open minded meaning: who has the same opinion as I do.

There is something I wonder tho, the people that wants to close CHOI because it "was" promoting hate, diffaming people on the air and being misogynic they can understand that the comment where that way, why do they think the rest of the population could not do the same? What is in this man opinion that they fear most people would misunderstand as fact and form mobs to kill/hurt other people? Why do they think those listening to CHOI are stupids moron incapable of discerning right and wrong or opinion from fact? Why are the listener classed as (by Radio-Canada) "uneducated, young 20 something angry white man"? And if they are, how is that a crime, or a justification to say that they are less then? less then who actually educated, 6o something happy black woman?

CHOI will appeal before the suppreme court of Canada, but considering the political climate, the hate I see, hear and read in the news again CHOI, I belive that the struggle is in vain. The suppreme court will either refuse the appeal or upheld the CRTC censorship and my favorite radio station will die. It will die because opinion that where not liked where heard on the air, it will die because it did not have friend in the governement, and it will die because someone got scared it could get 50 000 peoples in the street in support.

So, this is a sad day for freedom of speechs, the first radio station closed because of opinions in an industrialised, democratic country. If we later become a dictatorship or some other non democratic form of governement, maybe this will be seen as the first step. I may be exagerating but then again I might not be...