Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well reality TV is going no where fast now...

Well I really am not a fan of TV reality but this take the cake... frankly that is really pushing the concept to new low.

A reality show to get who will be a sperm donor... what next a reality show to find the man who will take the virginity of a 16 year old girl? The parodie of this show where the guy will compete but for an ugly 68 years old? A reality show where female contestant have to do the most disgusting sex act to stay on (this will will be called slut factor or something silly like that)? A show where win 1 millions dolloar if you can survive radiation exposure for the longest time?

I have always found reality TV to be basicaly voyeurism but this is getting crazy. I understand that there is a "primal" need for this in many people and I aknowledge that some people want to see and show that. But personnaly, it does nothing to me and I belive a relatively large segment of the population is with me so... just don't watch reality TV it will get canceled if enough people do that.

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Piccolo said...

I always thought about a reality show where you have people who need a transplantation and you have to choose wich one will get it! I'm sure TQS or TVA will be glad to buy my concept! And Charest too, with that, we will cut in medical services!