Friday, August 26, 2005

Well let's play the waiting game.

Here is what my situation is... there are for the doctorate a number of "award" for finishing certain part of the doctorat on time. One of those part is the pre-doc examen, which to get the 2000$ award I have to finish before............ wednesday, however to finish I have to correct all the spelling mystake in my two text as well as change what my director wants me to change and pray that my corrector aren't too pissed at having only 4 days to correct the thing before my presentation. Well I'm done with the first two part now I am only waiting for my supervisor husband to get the fuck back home so that my supervisor can get here and look at my work so that I can give them to my corrector and have a chance at the 2000$ award.

And yeah I really need it for my moving in a few weeks/months. GRRRR!!! I hate waiting...

On a not related at all note... I've missed my 200th post annoncement sorry ;-)


Piccolo said...

And like I know you, I thing it took some times to correct you grammar and spelling!!! ;-)

yofed said...

If you need more help, here I am! lol