Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A week end far frome home.

Faithfull readers, I am sorry I left you hanging for so long, I've been pretty busy in the last fews days (ok last week) and I did not really have time to post anything. Now that mean you do not know that I spend the week end in anyflower's compagny. So let me give you a little summary of that vacation for me.

First, I awoke at 5h30 am to be able to catch a bus at 7 am so that I could get to the bus station and take a inter-city bus at 8h30. Joy, luckily everything went according to plan and I got to my bus. Fastforward to 11h45 when I got to Montreal and had a date with a woman I met online. First impression: she doesn't really look like her pictures, she was kinda heavier and had all the apparances of someone who had stoped caring about what they ate and if they did any exercise. So since it was a lunch date we set up to go and find a restaurant around the montreal bus terminus. She felt like eating libanese, me not so much. We settled for a libaness-greek restaurant that looked like it had been built in the 50s and had not been renoved (or cleaned) since. I got there thinking, well at least she's good compagny and the food should be good since she recommand the place, Mistake #1. I looked up the menu and well it did not look libaness or greek and since all the plate around my table where of suspicious looking stuff (and not in a that might taste good but I won't touch it kinda of way) I decided to place a safe bet and order a filet mignon, mistake #2. Then as this was supposed to be a date we both ordered a glass of wine, mistake #3. When the wine arrived it was bad, cheap wine. For those of you living in Quebec, they served us: La Cuvé du Marchand, notre vin maison. Yes, that bad. Then the filet mignon arrived, or more clearly the shoe arrived, I thought no one could make filet mignon bad I was mistaken. I have never eaten any steak that hard or that tastless in my life.

Also as diner went on I realised that my date wasn't really my type of girl she could be a friend but definitively not girlfriend material. She wasn't geeky at all, she did not have many interesting things to say. (and this is where I hope she doesn't read my blog) In fact, she pretty much could only talk about sex and be interesting, I could fell it was the only thing that held her interest long. You know those thing you find interesting and could talk about for hours, sex seemed to be hers. so after diner we headed back to the bus terminial to meet up with with anyflower and go to gatineau... at least that was the plan. When I got to the bus terminus I called her on her cell phone. And she told me that finally her parent had changed the plans and where going to be leaving Gatinau at the time she was suposed to get me in montreal.

that means I end up being in montreal for another 2h30. With my "date" we decide to go see a movie to pass the time. We watched the skeleton key, I don't recommand it. Afterward, when thing were getting worse with my date, she was tired and so was I so conversation where getting boring and I was begining to be bad compagnie. So to cut this part of the story short I ended up meeting with anyflower at 6h15 and left for Ottawa-Gatineau.

The rest of the day was great luckily with a stop to the Chapters for a much needed relaxing spending spree and a great diner at the Black tomato. with a great wine that only anyflower can give you the name. We where supposed to go clubbing with her friend afterward but I was too tired to even move.

Saturday started late. We had to do our grocery and some shopping for the night outdoor camping. We got way to much alcool, good foods and lots of fruit and vegetable. We set up to go to our camping ground and prepare for our nights out in the wood. We set up camp, got ready to eat... and reallised that we had forgotten half of what we needed to make a good spagh like we planed so we made do with what we had. It was pretty funny, we build a fire and cooked by the fire. (I MADE FIRE!!! ;-)) The we walked around the shore and ended up in front of a sign taht conviced us not to do any swiming. We walked back to take the rest of the evening off with strawberry and sparkling wine. That waas nice! Afterward we went to sleep only to be awoken by a crazy guy cutting wood at 4 am, with complimantary animal checking out that tent. And also shhh don't tell anyone I told you but anyflower snore...

The next day was pretty relax too with a great diner at The Keg and another night out in the wood. I meet some friends of anyflower too. On average a great day. Finally monday i went back home in train, wich is a much better way to travel then bus let me tell you, juste one thing irked me, there where no plugs for my laptop in the train.

So there you have it the short history of my weekend with snoring anyflower. and sorry anyflower ;-) if you did not want your snorign to become public you should have told me not to speak about it :-p seriously if you don,t like reading it here I will removing it juste tell me throught comments or MSN.


anyflower said...

Hmmm... I guess I should be bothered that Asaathi revealed on of my secrets! The thing is, I don't snore all the time. Tssss, you don't belive me do you? Ok, I must admit I have all year long allergies and I forgot to take my medication for a few days. Add that to outdoor pollens and you know the result! Ask my ex if you don't believe me!!! By the way, the week-end was great!

yofed said...

Are you telling me you are a guy doing a PhD but gets excited making a fire? What a dork!