Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Unionising the student

A few weeks ago I told you about the effort of unionising the student having a job at the university helping the student and correcting the exam and all. Well today those people came to me to sign the union cards so that I could be one of the people making this possible. Needless to say I did not sign it. However, I talked to them to see what it was about and to be open minded.
So after 1 hours of discussion and still not being convinced of their points here is what I found to be bad in there argument:

1. They where not Laval University student, they where a guy from a unionised workshop and the union leader from UQAM. Well normally I wouldn't think this a bad thing except they did not know the situation at Laval and so could not tell me how a syndicate could improve things here.

2. When I told them I did not agree with the concept of mega unions they automatically went to tell me I was against all form of unions. When I tried to explain my point that unions and how I belived it to be they automatically went back to the against all form of union thing.

3. When I told them that the message about union information session did not reach the student (at least in the Science and engineering faculty) they all went: it is not our fault! I guess they are right but I would be much more impressed with someone that would have went: they did not? well we will try to do something about that our goal is that everyone be well informed.

4. They quoted number at me and when I went to check the number on them they went kinda pale. I found the number they quoted but i did not like the fact they could not give me the number before the union got in. If you want to sell me the union give me a comparaison of how thing where before and after so that i can compared them and see that indeed the union made thing better.

5. I felt like they told me some lies. At one time I asked how the union initiative started at Laval and they told me a bunch of falculty including Mecanical engineering. When I sounded incredulous one of them went pale and asked if I was in Mecanical engineering. I answered yes and he seemed releived. It's not much but that gave me the feeling they where lying on that one. Another thing that give me that feeling is that all the other faculty named where in the sociologie building...

6. they did not know our situation at laval. Yes I know I said it twice but that really rubbed me the wrong way. Before you can solve someone's problem you have to know what they are.

So in the end I ended up having a pretty nice conversation on union with them even if they failled to convinces me.

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