Thursday, August 18, 2005

The sword and the stone[finally a story/not serious spot]

A lone guard was waiting outside, smoking, he was waiting for the new guard a young blood that would not understand the importance of the duty at first. The hammering sound of the guard chopter rose from the horizon, the lady of the lake they called her, how ironic. It was to be a few seconds until the chopter's light could be clearly seen, they where dimed to prevent accidental onlooker from seeing it from far away such as across the lake. The artificial island was barely large enough for it's treasure, the guard post around it and landing a chopter. The sound was deafning now, the lone guard started walking toward the chopter landing pad to greet the newcomer. A young man was steping out of the chopter, event as the rotor speed increased to allow it to take off again. The absence of light prevented the lone guard from seeing the newcomer clearly, he could guess he was taller then average, at first glance probably over 6 feet and like all guard clearly someone that keept in shape. He gesture for the man to come closer, as the chopter moved away, when the man reached a point closes enough to hear he called: "Name, rank, registration"
- Samuel Taylors, Sergeant, A4566TR45
- Good, you're who I was told to expect. I'm John Matthiew, but everyone calls me Matt. I'll be teaching you what we do here and probably a little history." answered the Matt. He gestured for the seargeant to follow him and continued: "One thing sarge, we don't use rank outside of reports, no officers and not enough people to matter if you're sarge or caporal." They entered the guard post, the armed alarm sounded the warning beep for the code that was quickly inputed by Matt. " This is the first thing you do entering and the last thing you do before leaving, if there are no one inside the posst the alarm need to be on, what we guard is too important. "
- Speaking of this... Matt. what do we guard actually, I heard about this very well paid post but not really what we do here." interrupted Taylors
- You'll see and hopefully understand sarge." It seemed that Matt had picked up a nickname for Taylors and would not answer questions directly. After a brief pose to look around to room and at the security console to see that nothing had been disturbed in their short walk outside Matt continued. " You might have heard about the incided ten year ago, the "terrorist" that manage to send false footage to everyone in the world on every media outlet?"
- Of course, I still remember it I was barely 17 at the time and pissed off that they had interupted...
- Yeah, cut the chatter while I'm talking sarge I've got more thing to tell you than you wish you'd ever learn. Also, they'll be plenty of time for that after you learn what we do here. " Matt paused for breath, then after another quick look around moved toward the two seats facing a large glass and several computer monitors all turn off at the moment. " Well, they where no terrorist. It was something far scarier that we do not understand yet. You saw the sword, you saw the woman over it?" Taylors nodded and Matt flickered a switch, a light came on behind the glass showing a large empty room, empty except for two things, a beautifull sword and a rock. The sword had been plunged into the rock by what must have been incredible force as it stood there sticking ridigidly. Matt continued before the gasping Taylors could ask a question or voice is doubt: " The room where the sword rest is not filled with air, we filled it with Nitrogen, you need to enter throught a airlock which require retinal, DNA, vocal and finger print identification. You see those three gun turret in each corner?" he did not wait for an answer " they are automated with their own power supply, their own computer system to track identify and kill any intruder. If you have to go into the room or escort someone in the roome you must enter you registration number, speak your name and rank in the room and raise both hand into the air. If you fail to do any of those thing they will fire, on the first mistake. If you stay in the room more then 15 minutes you have to do this procedure again after 10 minutes and before 14 minutes. once again failure means death." Taylors saw a pause in Matt's speach: " But why all this security for.. well a sword, that not even a weapon worth talking about." Matt shook his head: " yeah as a weapon it is not that dangerous but..." he turned on the monitor showing camera view of the room, using a small joystick he zoomed toward the rock. " tell me what does it say on the rock" Taylors looked at the weird, alien symbol shown on the base of the rock and got a puzzled look, then slightly scared: "I can't tell you what the symbol means individually but... the message says: He who shall draw the sword from the stone shall be the king of earth, now and forever." Matt nodded
-"that what everyone reads... in the first few months people tried to remove the sword from the stone, no one could. They even tried to cut the stone with lasers and diamond saws... it wasn't even scratched. They tried to blow up the rock and/or the sound with high explosive... nothing. Basicly it's there is something wrong with it."
- yeah but why not just let it stay there and wait for the prophetised king to come?
- History, sarge, history... there where very few good kings, but a lot of bad one. "

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