Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sci-Fi show you have to watch

Well now that I am back on a "regular" posting schedule let me tell you about two Sci-Fi show worth watching, first Stargate: Atlantis and then Battlestar: Galactica.

Stargate: Atlantis is a spin off of the well known Stargate: SG-1 franchise (if you do not know Stargate: SG-1 it's the TV show they made after then Stargate Movie.. and if you don't know the Stargate movie well you might not be geeky enough to read this blog). The premise is simple Earth as found where the race they think build the stargate came from before Earth and send a scientific expedition there, with the knowledge that they might not be able to get back. The series follow this group of millitary personel and researcher as they try to find a way to contact Earth again and learn about a new treath to Earth that made even the gatebuilder flee. It is original in the Stargate world with it's enemy that do not present themself as god and the relative abundance of advanced technology. I really like this show

Battlestar: Gallactica is a remake of an old 70s sci-fi show. The premises is simple, a race of mecanical being as launched a surprise attack on the 12 human colonies. This surprise attack is more then a complet success of all the human forces only one Battlestar (think battleship) survives and escape with it's complement of outdated fighters. It soon find the rest of humanity survivor... around 48 000 people, inside a ragtag fleet of FTL capable ship. The Galactica along with the survivor embarc on a mission to reach the 13th, lost, mythical even colony: Earth. They are pursued every step of the way by their Cylon enemies and have for all direction to Earth an ancient religious prophecie. I don't want to go into more details to be sure not to spoil the show for anyone but I have to say that at the moment it is my favorite show. The stories are compeling and there is just something that moves me in the struggle of those few human. Particullary since at the beggining of each episode they show the headcound of the survivors... and most of the time it is lower then the previous episode. It is a very dark serie but there is a undelying hopefullness.

Oh and yeah I do mean you HAVE to watch them ;-)

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