Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Plane crash.

it seems that in the last few days and week it seems that a lot of plane fell down from the sky and crashed some with more survivors then other. So to some people it might be a scary time to fly. To those I have to say, do not worry while you have a less chances of surviving a plane crash then an automobile crash you have a lot less chance to be in a plane crash then in an car crash. Flight regulation are very extensive and planes are sturdy machine built with back ups of just about everything and built to fly even if there is not fuel (well glide technically and not that well for most comercial plane but still).

Planes are safe trust me on that I did my pilot class and even had for a while my flying certificate (yep good old asaathi could fly small plane and gliders... and still would if he had money) and planes flying in canada or by canadian across the world are submited to strick inspection and pilotes are required to be good (particullary commercial pilots). Sure mistake can still be made but thing about this: they're just as many mistake made by surgeon and doctors and you are not scared of them.

So if you have to fly think not about the plane crash but how fantastic it is that you are flying amongts the cloud faster then the wind. And if you ever have the chance of flying in a small plane or glider even if it is a more bumpy ride then a big commercial plane, do it.. the freedom it provides is amazing. And if you ever get the change to fly in a fighter plane well... give your place to me PLEASE!!! I wanna fly a figther plane, it has been a dream of mine since I was little.

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