Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Master in what?

I just saw an interesting poster about an opportunity to get what must be a very very interesting master degree.. but I do have some questions about it. It is a master degree in Modeling and simulating complex realities (yes realities).

First, realities? like there is more then one reality?

Second, complex? a complex reality as opposed to what our "simple" reality.

Third, how the hell can you model a reality different from our own? We can't even get a complete picture of our own... isn't that strange you know?

Fourth, simulating a reality... doesn't that sound weird... like a false reality isn't that a paradox.

Oh well it got my weird mind thinking so I decided to share it with you.... you can thank me :-p

Finally, I sign the lease for my next appartement.... got to move out now I have no other choice, still it feel great even if I am a little scared of my financial situation.

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