Monday, August 22, 2005

I blame anyflower!

why do I blame her.. and for what you ask? well the recent test posting result on my blog are a direct result of something she talked me about... a dating site with lots and lots of test. I had at first only taken one test there when I saw a friend do it on her blog (go so the past entry if you want to find out what it was) and pretty much given up on the site... but then when I want to Gatineau anyflower told me about the dating site part of Okcupid (not that I am that interested in it but hey might be fun) so I decided to sign up and now I keep finding those weird test about who I am supposed to be (I have apparently an inventor personality type) and what I will do in situationx (you see I can survive a zombie holocaust so stick close to me in case that happen in the near futur).

So since it is anyflower comments that send me there again I blame her for those test post! feel free to blame her to ;-) Just kidding I have a lot of fun with those test... apparently am 44% slut.. whatever that means.

Now on a completly unrelated topic I wonder how yofed will answer my post... will she find it satisfactory or will she have more comments that will have me thinking about my life and how I see things. (BTW I love introspection, it's the only way to understand ourself I think and this blog is surely an excerice of the thing).


yofed said...

you are 44%slut and 56% tease, isn`t it? :P

asaathi said...

lol I'd guess so.. but they don't say what the other part of me is... probably tease or maybe freak or pervert... I don't know ;-) I'll take tease I like tease ;-P