Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hey little J welcome to this world!

a few day ago, the 15th to be precise (some more on this latter it is a strange coincidance that day.) Picollo one of my faithfull reader who shares Yofed opinion of my selection criterium for woman gave birth to little baby J (no nick yet so). From the pictures I have seen the little bundle of joy shows the traditional cuteness attack capability of all babies (probably to a level never heard of before or since!) and will be te pride and joy of Picollo's husban stormcrow (who might or might not read the blog since I never got a comment from him).

So with this post I invite all my readers to congradulate the loving, happy, sickingly cute couple for brinning into this world a new human being (probably with the upgraded brain opperating system that will make us all look dumb in a few years!). I wish him all the love, luck, hapiness, fun and good things that can exist on this Earth (and a few more that can't!) and I have absolutly no worry that he will received them all knowing his parent.

Now for the strange coincidance.. did you know that the both Stormcrow and me where born on the 15th day of a month... and that little baby J is born exactly between our two birthdays, two months from each in fact! If you belive in astronomie.. oups no logy that must mean something no? He'll probably be the next Enstein, Mozart, Aristote, DaVinci AND Verdi all at once! he will revolutionarise the world as we know it for the better! So rejoy!

ok maybe I am exagerating a little, but I am very happy for them both and the little baby J. i wish them all the luck and happy time that a baby can bring as well as give them all the support and frienship that I can give.

So please all of you welcome little baby J in the world and send prayers, good will or just have a thought for him. Thanks readers.


yofed said...

you forgot a detail.... Jake is a cute newborn, which is a feat in itself, since most newborns are rather ugly (even my son was!!!) The only exceptions are c-section babies.... is baby J one?

Piccolo said...

Baby J wasn't a c-section, the pictures were taken when he was 4 days old. He was almost natural, they had to use the forceps.... But he was cute!!!

And thank you asaathi for your words. And yes, even if he does'nt write comments, stormcrow is a good reader of your blog.

Stormcrow said...

Think of me as the silent observer... or the guy who was too lazy to create his own blog account. But the least I could do after your post about my newborn was to thank you before your own audience. So, here you go : Thanks.

yofed said...

Wow! Then he really is my son's only real competition! lol... seriously, congrats, he is really gorgeous.... can I steal it from you guys? I can't get pregnant soon enough...lol