Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finally finished!

Hi there guys, I finally got my oral presentation done and my predoc is completed. It went pretty well, one of my examinator had interesting questions and comments about my projet. He claims it might be too ambitious but well I'll try anyway. It'll be fun to try and also it will be fun to finally be free of the stress from this things.

Speaking of the stress of this thing, something bad happened because of it. this morning I was praticing my presentation and trying to zone out the rest of the world when one of my friend sneaked up to me to say: "Hi". she was really close to my ears and since I was zoned out I didn't really hear her out, I thought it was a fly, so I did the little move away fly hand movement... slapping her right in the face. I should have appologiesed right away but since I didn't even have time to turn my head before she slapped me my appology died in indignation of being interrupted, slapped and breaking my train of though. After calming down a bit I try to appologies but she is now pissed and won't talk to me... I hate that kind of situation but I can't really help it so I'll just have to wait and see if the 5 appologies I told her will be enough of if I lost a friend because of this. I hope not, she might not be my best friend but still I value her friendship and her insights.

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