Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dream... strange in a way.

Last night I had a dream that puzzle me. And since you my faithfull reader (you are faithfull aren't you?) have fun reading about my dreams and also since you post interesting comments about what they might mean I thought I would share what I recall of it with you.

I dream about one of my ex, not the latest one but one way more before that. Ok, you might think, so what? but I never dream about my ex at least that I remember. So in this dream we basically ended up back with each other through a weird set of circonstance. I don't recall what exactly but it felt weird. The dream ended with a first kiss in a new relationship, which now that I think about it is strange. I wonder what my subconsious is trying to tell me... maybe I should tell him to be more direct next time.

Use an hamer to make your points next time subconscious I'm apparently too hard headed to understand.


yofed said...

Well, when a guy has physical appearance for prime criteria for a girlfriend, there is not much more to expect from him than going back to those he was with in the past, since they were good enough for him.... no offence... I am just not very impressed. Sorry.

micheljones5324 said...
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