Friday, August 19, 2005

CD burning kill music?

I think this is not my first post (and I am too lazy to check up) on the subjet but something about the recent news in Quebec as driven me to think again about that problem again. You see a court in Quebec as given the Quebec equivalent of the RIAA, l'ADISQ the right to go into flea market and confiscate burned disk and I think I heard that they could fine those selling the disk. I am torn a little about this here is why:

On one hand I am all for the procecuting of people that make money off the works of other by downloading or making illegal copies with the goal of selling them. I'm not again people that will download music for their personal use, particullary if the person buy the CD later or still buy a lot of CDs. But if you download the music, SELL a burned CD (or illegal copy) you are really stealing from the artist. Now some people will go and say that downloading and using is still stealling. I don't agree, if they do not buy the CD after downloading it there is a good chance that they would not have bought it anyway. In the end not money are lost and if the musician are good one more people will speak about them and offer "free" publicity.

On the other hand, NO private industries or association of people not mandated by the state and with recourse by the people procecuted should have the power to confiscate or fine another for crimes or perceived crime. Also, l'ADISQ only procecute for Quebec artist that are it's member who apparently are starving because of the amongs of illegal copy found in flea market and the illegal download of music on the net. I,ve done a search for some Quebec artist name on Shareazaa, Kazaa and on a few bittorrent site and basicly found nex to nothing so I have to ask what they are fighting? Who are those pirate downloading obscure groups?

I wonder if we are not giving too much power to an organisation who's goal is not the interest of the consomator but it's own... only time will tell I guess.

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