Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from Megantic

Well not to say about today... I drove 3 hours to get back to Quebec and now I am basically waiting for a correct time to sleep. I have to get back to my day cycle get off the night cycle and find myself living like a normal human being.

So in summary we had a normal cycle for Megantic one day out of 2 where usuable and one of 6. was great. the data we took about my galaxiee will need to be analysed before i can say if they are usuable or not. For not it looks like they will be on the barely side of usuable. The detector is not sensible enough in the wavelenght I would need.

On a final thought Yofed just messaged me to say good night and that she would dream of me... so I ask you all, what will she dream about? Please leave you answer in the comments.


anyflower said...

She dreamt about a giant version of Loup flying a mini version of you like a plane ;o) . Loup seemed quite delighted about it!

yofed said...

I actually dreamt of pretty flower, manbous and his brother.... and it was REALLY freaky!!!