Saturday, August 20, 2005

Annoying telemarketers.

You probably all received offers to a far away vacation with a voucher for some money that you will not have to pay back until a long while with low interest and all... I do receive some and I treat them like the spam mail they are... throw them directly into the paper shredder. Those guy when one step farther this time. One of them in florida actually called me.. well I'm betting their call center wasn't in florida but still...

That really annoying I can deal easilly with mail and if I am ever interested in trying their stuff I will DON'T call me I'll call you. Or if you want me to win a trip or something send me a real gift, something that there is no string attach.. and damn it before you decide I should at least enter a contest or something I think I am able to choice what I want to win.

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