Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Well as you can guess it is now rainning over quebec city. It as been for the past few hours and it probably going to be for the next day or so... It's not the bad kind of rain but I would feel better with sun and soft wind. Oh well that kinda like saying I don't have anything to talk about today so I'm talking about the weather.

Have fun.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finally finished!

Hi there guys, I finally got my oral presentation done and my predoc is completed. It went pretty well, one of my examinator had interesting questions and comments about my projet. He claims it might be too ambitious but well I'll try anyway. It'll be fun to try and also it will be fun to finally be free of the stress from this things.

Speaking of the stress of this thing, something bad happened because of it. this morning I was praticing my presentation and trying to zone out the rest of the world when one of my friend sneaked up to me to say: "Hi". she was really close to my ears and since I was zoned out I didn't really hear her out, I thought it was a fly, so I did the little move away fly hand movement... slapping her right in the face. I should have appologiesed right away but since I didn't even have time to turn my head before she slapped me my appology died in indignation of being interrupted, slapped and breaking my train of though. After calming down a bit I try to appologies but she is now pissed and won't talk to me... I hate that kind of situation but I can't really help it so I'll just have to wait and see if the 5 appologies I told her will be enough of if I lost a friend because of this. I hope not, she might not be my best friend but still I value her friendship and her insights.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Parent need to let there children go

This is what I am refeering too. Parent event if they love their children got to know that children should be allowed to make mistake on their on and also to pay for their mistake on their own. Sure, parent wants what best for their kid but with today's short term vision they most often forget that the best in the short term will make them unable to be independant and wholesome later in life.

It all bogs down to learning responsability you know, if someone else always solve your problem for you when will you be able to solve them yourself? you will always end up blaming someone else for your mistake and expecting someone to pay for them...

So please parent when your kids get to college let go, advice them but do not control their life or try to solve all little problem for them. They'll manage and will be better person for it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The simple pleasures.

Today I got to indulge in one of my greatest pleasure: reading a good book completly in one afternoon. You know juste sitting (well more like lounging lazilly but...) on my couch and reading a great book. That helps particullary with a little cat with too much fur decide to keep you compagny with his constant purring. So in short a great afternoon far from the wories of my examen tuesdy, my money that gonna be short for the next few month and the fact that my friend hasn't called me back about his furniture I'm supposed to buy now that he is leaving me his appartement ;-)

Oh well, I'm sure I'll be able to talk to him soon or someday in the future.. I,ll get his e-mail at worse.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My cat doesn't want me to work tonight

As you have read I have to have done my predoc examen by tuesday. Now, the first part the written part is done but I also have an oral presentation to prepare.. and now something with 4 leg, a tail and cute little ears is trying to stop me from working on it! Bad cat! ;-) I'll manage but it's funny... oh and after taking a test apparently I'm the perfect man for a girl in Norway.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Well let's play the waiting game.

Here is what my situation is... there are for the doctorate a number of "award" for finishing certain part of the doctorat on time. One of those part is the pre-doc examen, which to get the 2000$ award I have to finish before............ wednesday, however to finish I have to correct all the spelling mystake in my two text as well as change what my director wants me to change and pray that my corrector aren't too pissed at having only 4 days to correct the thing before my presentation. Well I'm done with the first two part now I am only waiting for my supervisor husband to get the fuck back home so that my supervisor can get here and look at my work so that I can give them to my corrector and have a chance at the 2000$ award.

And yeah I really need it for my moving in a few weeks/months. GRRRR!!! I hate waiting...

On a not related at all note... I've missed my 200th post annoncement sorry ;-)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

No post today (irony post)

Sorry no post today, to busy a new deadline that should I miss it will cost me 2000$ for tomorrow morning. I'll give more detail tomorrow... thank for waiting for me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well reality TV is going no where fast now...

Well I really am not a fan of TV reality but this take the cake... frankly that is really pushing the concept to new low.

A reality show to get who will be a sperm donor... what next a reality show to find the man who will take the virginity of a 16 year old girl? The parodie of this show where the guy will compete but for an ugly 68 years old? A reality show where female contestant have to do the most disgusting sex act to stay on (this will will be called slut factor or something silly like that)? A show where win 1 millions dolloar if you can survive radiation exposure for the longest time?

I have always found reality TV to be basicaly voyeurism but this is getting crazy. I understand that there is a "primal" need for this in many people and I aknowledge that some people want to see and show that. But personnaly, it does nothing to me and I belive a relatively large segment of the population is with me so... just don't watch reality TV it will get canceled if enough people do that.

A Master in what?

I just saw an interesting poster about an opportunity to get what must be a very very interesting master degree.. but I do have some questions about it. It is a master degree in Modeling and simulating complex realities (yes realities).

First, realities? like there is more then one reality?

Second, complex? a complex reality as opposed to what our "simple" reality.

Third, how the hell can you model a reality different from our own? We can't even get a complete picture of our own... isn't that strange you know?

Fourth, simulating a reality... doesn't that sound weird... like a false reality isn't that a paradox.

Oh well it got my weird mind thinking so I decided to share it with you.... you can thank me :-p

Finally, I sign the lease for my next appartement.... got to move out now I have no other choice, still it feel great even if I am a little scared of my financial situation.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The opportunity realised...

Well I promised I would speak more about the opportunity I got. One of my friend is moving out of Quebec to go to (ironically) Ottawa, that means he is leaving his appartement which is a big three bedroom appartement and cost exactly as much as my small two bedrooms (any one that claims their is actually a second bedroom and not a very big closet is exagerating). So that means I'll be moving over the next month or so.That why I said it's an opportunity that would lower my financial means, the moving part will cost me particullary since I have to buy an oven, a fridge and both a washer and drier. But aside from this "hurdle" I find myself facing a much bigger appartement, far less noisy neighbor (only one instead of around 8 here) and actual room to get a roommate should I decide I need one or want one.

Yep, that means you'd be able to come split the bill with me anyflower if you ever come to Quebec :-p It not much but I feel that If I had passed it up I would have lost a lot and well it's rewarding to have found this for myself.. will finally be able to do parties at my place! and games! and stuff! and as long as I am alone I'll make it into the biggest bachelord pad in the whole wide world! just kidding! So here it is for the curious yofed ;-)

Hey little J welcome to this world!

a few day ago, the 15th to be precise (some more on this latter it is a strange coincidance that day.) Picollo one of my faithfull reader who shares Yofed opinion of my selection criterium for woman gave birth to little baby J (no nick yet so). From the pictures I have seen the little bundle of joy shows the traditional cuteness attack capability of all babies (probably to a level never heard of before or since!) and will be te pride and joy of Picollo's husban stormcrow (who might or might not read the blog since I never got a comment from him).

So with this post I invite all my readers to congradulate the loving, happy, sickingly cute couple for brinning into this world a new human being (probably with the upgraded brain opperating system that will make us all look dumb in a few years!). I wish him all the love, luck, hapiness, fun and good things that can exist on this Earth (and a few more that can't!) and I have absolutly no worry that he will received them all knowing his parent.

Now for the strange coincidance.. did you know that the both Stormcrow and me where born on the 15th day of a month... and that little baby J is born exactly between our two birthdays, two months from each in fact! If you belive in astronomie.. oups no logy that must mean something no? He'll probably be the next Enstein, Mozart, Aristote, DaVinci AND Verdi all at once! he will revolutionarise the world as we know it for the better! So rejoy!

ok maybe I am exagerating a little, but I am very happy for them both and the little baby J. i wish them all the luck and happy time that a baby can bring as well as give them all the support and frienship that I can give.

So please all of you welcome little baby J in the world and send prayers, good will or just have a thought for him. Thanks readers.


I've been given an opportunity yesterday that I think I will take, it is not really something big but it involves change in my life and my financial situation (toward less money unfortunatly) but I think I would be happier with that opportunity. I juste wanted to talk to you about it a little (no detail yet) because there are still some details that might make this opportunity fall appart.

no, it is not love so don't start betting on the name or appearance of my next girlfriend yet. (hmm I had made a strange freudiant slip there.. it's corrected just thought I would share that I did... you can use the comment to guess what the slip was.)

well that will be all.. except for this Picollo watch the next post it is for you and stormcrow.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I blame anyflower!

why do I blame her.. and for what you ask? well the recent test posting result on my blog are a direct result of something she talked me about... a dating site with lots and lots of test. I had at first only taken one test there when I saw a friend do it on her blog (go so the past entry if you want to find out what it was) and pretty much given up on the site... but then when I want to Gatineau anyflower told me about the dating site part of Okcupid (not that I am that interested in it but hey might be fun) so I decided to sign up and now I keep finding those weird test about who I am supposed to be (I have apparently an inventor personality type) and what I will do in situationx (you see I can survive a zombie holocaust so stick close to me in case that happen in the near futur).

So since it is anyflower comments that send me there again I blame her for those test post! feel free to blame her to ;-) Just kidding I have a lot of fun with those test... apparently am 44% slut.. whatever that means.

Now on a completly unrelated topic I wonder how yofed will answer my post... will she find it satisfactory or will she have more comments that will have me thinking about my life and how I see things. (BTW I love introspection, it's the only way to understand ourself I think and this blog is surely an excerice of the thing).

I knew all those zombie movie would be usefull for something...

well I always was worried on how well I would do if zombies started to attack the living.. know I know bring them on and get me a flame thrower!!! burning zombie! ;-) Ok I think I will stop with the test post, they are funny but when you reached the zombie survival test I think you've seen it all :-p

Armed and Dangerous
Congratulations! You scored 87%!

You made it out, alive and well supplied. You probably even kept most of your party alive too. You know what to look for, what to take, and when to just run. You even feel a strange inkling to go back. If you did, you'd probably do just fine.

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Link: The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test written by ci8db4uok on Ok Cupid

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Answering yofed comment...

Hi faithful reader that where waiting for an answer to yofed comment. Well before I do that I will start by saying that I had not planned to answer at first. I had mainly one reasons for this, one that I felt that I would sound defensive or offensive and write things that I may not have mean (this was a few minutes after reading the comments mind you). But now that I have thought about it and that yofed really seems to want an answer I will give you a something kinda like it. Before I do let me thank Yofed, it really touching that you care about me so passionately and so much. Thank you very much.

Let me start by answering directly yofed comment: It is a lot easier to stay in love than to fall in love, the whole inertia thing... Which mean that I would not divorce her (if we had been married in the first place which isn't a given) and knowing myself I'd say I'd probably stay attracted to her. I know this lesson that beauty fade or is replace by a different kind of beauty. That said I have to put a little rain on that parade.. There is a level of fat I am sure I would not be still attracted to and that would cause serious relationship problem if me or my future love reached, that of the morbidly obese or even close to it. If obesity start to be a problem in my activity slowing the way I walk or making me breathless when I play the computer (I have a friend who had reached this stage.. He is currently working to get back in shape but trust me it is scary) or do any other none stressious activity it needs to change.

Now an answer to yofed's post before I go into what I will call the main part of this post... You can tell you're man that by is criterion I've won the lottery a few times already. And reassure your mother in law I am not sad, slightly lonely but not sad. Fantasy world? hmm might be nice but if I'm gonna have a fantasy world I'll make sure there is a fantasy girl for me you know ;-) The last comment got me puzzled however, cause well I know I am unsure/insecure about my appearance and maybe this is part of my problem or the whole of it I don't know.. Sound like more introspection for me.

Now for the main part of my post an attempt to clarify what I look for in a woman cause I think people think I'm looking for this red haired slim athletic goddess with three PhD and that can sing (singing is optional of course ;-)). I'm not, but if you see her send her my way k? I'm mainly looking for three things what I call the spark, intelligence, and interest that are well I'll try to define what I mean with interest farther down. Now normally the spark is indefinable and to be clearer to people I say I'm looking for thin, sporty(notice here sporty not athletic... Sporty is active, willing to do sport ready to have fun, athletic is do a lot of sport) woman because those are the majority (not the entirety) of woman where I have seen this spark. Ok now for the hard part, the spark is a kind of quality that you see in a woman eye (in man two but since I'm not looking for man I don't search for it), it a little glimmer that show that she is healthy, that she active, that she cares about life, and other less definable things. It is something very hard for me to describe but that I know exist with the first look and first few words exchanged. Also it is not a straigh thing, she doesn't have to have all of those thing to have the spark and she might have then all an no spark but most of the time with that they have the spark. Am I clear? No but hey that the best description I can give.

Now, intelligence that doesn't mean a PhD or a bacc or even CEGEP hell there are plenty of intelligent people that did not finish high school. Intelligence is the ability to learn, a willingless to learn and to do things the possibility to hold a conversation even if it is only by asking questions. It's really easy to understand I think. Now, the interest part, I want a girl that has interest close to mine but complementary... That my I don't want a female clone of me side you know. This is my most flexible criteria, I can love people with very few interest that are close to mine, but from experience woman with interest too close to me end up friends instead of love interest I don't know why but it like I'm not attracted to them. Attraction is a weird thing for me, I say that those things are my criteria but if I look back on the woman I have loved in the past none fits all the criteria, all of them fits the spark tho, so that must be what I'm looking for really... An indefinable quality... Must by my romantic side.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Annoying telemarketers.

You probably all received offers to a far away vacation with a voucher for some money that you will not have to pay back until a long while with low interest and all... I do receive some and I treat them like the spam mail they are... throw them directly into the paper shredder. Those guy when one step farther this time. One of them in florida actually called me.. well I'm betting their call center wasn't in florida but still...

That really annoying I can deal easilly with mail and if I am ever interested in trying their stuff I will DON'T call me I'll call you. Or if you want me to win a trip or something send me a real gift, something that there is no string attach.. and damn it before you decide I should at least enter a contest or something I think I am able to choice what I want to win.

I'm a Settite...

I was more thinking of myself of a salubri.. but then again the test knows.
Follower of Set
You scored 62% HONOR, 45% BEAST and 35% INSANITY!

Believing themselves to be descendants of an ancient god, the Setites are devious fanatics. They carry themselves with a malignant air and pride themselves in being custodians of forbidden knowledge and traffickers in sin and damnation. Lairing in the sands of the Middle East, the Followers of Set have wormed their way into Europe following the upheaval of the Crusaders. Although they are distrusted as foreigners, the Setites thrive in Europe by providing the things few others can, or want to. Ingenuity and guile are a Setite's calling card.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 50% on honor
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You scored higher than 7% on beast
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You scored higher than 50% on insanity
Link: The Which Vampire Clan Fits You Test written by damncat86 on Ok Cupid

The 40 year old virgin

I went to see this movie and has a geek I must tell then (infortunatly for me I guess) I reconised myself in a few of the guy quirks. (you guess which!). Frankly I found it to be a really funny movie. The jokes where mostly good (probably because I could identify with some of the character) and the story was also quite interesting. Also we must not forget that I love romantic comedy so I'm really biased, still trust me it is a good date movie.

Have fun watching it and think that I'm not half has bad as the guy in the movie...I hope. Well at least I am not a virgin.

Friday, August 19, 2005

CD burning kill music?

I think this is not my first post (and I am too lazy to check up) on the subjet but something about the recent news in Quebec as driven me to think again about that problem again. You see a court in Quebec as given the Quebec equivalent of the RIAA, l'ADISQ the right to go into flea market and confiscate burned disk and I think I heard that they could fine those selling the disk. I am torn a little about this here is why:

On one hand I am all for the procecuting of people that make money off the works of other by downloading or making illegal copies with the goal of selling them. I'm not again people that will download music for their personal use, particullary if the person buy the CD later or still buy a lot of CDs. But if you download the music, SELL a burned CD (or illegal copy) you are really stealing from the artist. Now some people will go and say that downloading and using is still stealling. I don't agree, if they do not buy the CD after downloading it there is a good chance that they would not have bought it anyway. In the end not money are lost and if the musician are good one more people will speak about them and offer "free" publicity.

On the other hand, NO private industries or association of people not mandated by the state and with recourse by the people procecuted should have the power to confiscate or fine another for crimes or perceived crime. Also, l'ADISQ only procecute for Quebec artist that are it's member who apparently are starving because of the amongs of illegal copy found in flea market and the illegal download of music on the net. I,ve done a search for some Quebec artist name on Shareazaa, Kazaa and on a few bittorrent site and basicly found nex to nothing so I have to ask what they are fighting? Who are those pirate downloading obscure groups?

I wonder if we are not giving too much power to an organisation who's goal is not the interest of the consomator but it's own... only time will tell I guess.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The sword and the stone[finally a story/not serious spot]

A lone guard was waiting outside, smoking, he was waiting for the new guard a young blood that would not understand the importance of the duty at first. The hammering sound of the guard chopter rose from the horizon, the lady of the lake they called her, how ironic. It was to be a few seconds until the chopter's light could be clearly seen, they where dimed to prevent accidental onlooker from seeing it from far away such as across the lake. The artificial island was barely large enough for it's treasure, the guard post around it and landing a chopter. The sound was deafning now, the lone guard started walking toward the chopter landing pad to greet the newcomer. A young man was steping out of the chopter, event as the rotor speed increased to allow it to take off again. The absence of light prevented the lone guard from seeing the newcomer clearly, he could guess he was taller then average, at first glance probably over 6 feet and like all guard clearly someone that keept in shape. He gesture for the man to come closer, as the chopter moved away, when the man reached a point closes enough to hear he called: "Name, rank, registration"
- Samuel Taylors, Sergeant, A4566TR45
- Good, you're who I was told to expect. I'm John Matthiew, but everyone calls me Matt. I'll be teaching you what we do here and probably a little history." answered the Matt. He gestured for the seargeant to follow him and continued: "One thing sarge, we don't use rank outside of reports, no officers and not enough people to matter if you're sarge or caporal." They entered the guard post, the armed alarm sounded the warning beep for the code that was quickly inputed by Matt. " This is the first thing you do entering and the last thing you do before leaving, if there are no one inside the posst the alarm need to be on, what we guard is too important. "
- Speaking of this... Matt. what do we guard actually, I heard about this very well paid post but not really what we do here." interrupted Taylors
- You'll see and hopefully understand sarge." It seemed that Matt had picked up a nickname for Taylors and would not answer questions directly. After a brief pose to look around to room and at the security console to see that nothing had been disturbed in their short walk outside Matt continued. " You might have heard about the incided ten year ago, the "terrorist" that manage to send false footage to everyone in the world on every media outlet?"
- Of course, I still remember it I was barely 17 at the time and pissed off that they had interupted...
- Yeah, cut the chatter while I'm talking sarge I've got more thing to tell you than you wish you'd ever learn. Also, they'll be plenty of time for that after you learn what we do here. " Matt paused for breath, then after another quick look around moved toward the two seats facing a large glass and several computer monitors all turn off at the moment. " Well, they where no terrorist. It was something far scarier that we do not understand yet. You saw the sword, you saw the woman over it?" Taylors nodded and Matt flickered a switch, a light came on behind the glass showing a large empty room, empty except for two things, a beautifull sword and a rock. The sword had been plunged into the rock by what must have been incredible force as it stood there sticking ridigidly. Matt continued before the gasping Taylors could ask a question or voice is doubt: " The room where the sword rest is not filled with air, we filled it with Nitrogen, you need to enter throught a airlock which require retinal, DNA, vocal and finger print identification. You see those three gun turret in each corner?" he did not wait for an answer " they are automated with their own power supply, their own computer system to track identify and kill any intruder. If you have to go into the room or escort someone in the roome you must enter you registration number, speak your name and rank in the room and raise both hand into the air. If you fail to do any of those thing they will fire, on the first mistake. If you stay in the room more then 15 minutes you have to do this procedure again after 10 minutes and before 14 minutes. once again failure means death." Taylors saw a pause in Matt's speach: " But why all this security for.. well a sword, that not even a weapon worth talking about." Matt shook his head: " yeah as a weapon it is not that dangerous but..." he turned on the monitor showing camera view of the room, using a small joystick he zoomed toward the rock. " tell me what does it say on the rock" Taylors looked at the weird, alien symbol shown on the base of the rock and got a puzzled look, then slightly scared: "I can't tell you what the symbol means individually but... the message says: He who shall draw the sword from the stone shall be the king of earth, now and forever." Matt nodded
-"that what everyone reads... in the first few months people tried to remove the sword from the stone, no one could. They even tried to cut the stone with lasers and diamond saws... it wasn't even scratched. They tried to blow up the rock and/or the sound with high explosive... nothing. Basicly it's there is something wrong with it."
- yeah but why not just let it stay there and wait for the prophetised king to come?
- History, sarge, history... there where very few good kings, but a lot of bad one. "

Introspection and stuff.

After yofed comment on my dream post, I figured I should think about myself and do a little introspection. I have to think a little about myself and how I "select" the woman to date. I admit that look plays a big part in how attractive I find a woman, which I admit is pretty shallow. And there is also the fact that I will not date a woman that I do not find attractive. I assume that it is the same for everyone, I cannot see how some one spend his life with someone he(or she) finds ugly. Anyway, aside from that yofed comment convinced me I have to think about myself and how I see love and stuff so that I do not end up being a person I don't like because I never thought about how shallow I was. You know do a hey how am I and is that how I want to be.

On a slightly related note I wonder about something: Would I get that many comment on how closed minded I am if the kind of woman I liked where fat(for exemple)? Cause you probably know from reading me that I like thin, sporty woman and everytime I say that fat people are not physically attractive to me (notice the to me.. you know as in in my opinion just me, my personal taste) I'm told to be more open minded that they might be good person and such. I alway wonder if I said that I did not find thin woman attractive if I would get the same kind of response. My personal experience with things of this nature tell me that no....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dream... strange in a way.

Last night I had a dream that puzzle me. And since you my faithfull reader (you are faithfull aren't you?) have fun reading about my dreams and also since you post interesting comments about what they might mean I thought I would share what I recall of it with you.

I dream about one of my ex, not the latest one but one way more before that. Ok, you might think, so what? but I never dream about my ex at least that I remember. So in this dream we basically ended up back with each other through a weird set of circonstance. I don't recall what exactly but it felt weird. The dream ended with a first kiss in a new relationship, which now that I think about it is strange. I wonder what my subconsious is trying to tell me... maybe I should tell him to be more direct next time.

Use an hamer to make your points next time subconscious I'm apparently too hard headed to understand.

Sci-Fi show you have to watch

Well now that I am back on a "regular" posting schedule let me tell you about two Sci-Fi show worth watching, first Stargate: Atlantis and then Battlestar: Galactica.

Stargate: Atlantis is a spin off of the well known Stargate: SG-1 franchise (if you do not know Stargate: SG-1 it's the TV show they made after then Stargate Movie.. and if you don't know the Stargate movie well you might not be geeky enough to read this blog). The premise is simple Earth as found where the race they think build the stargate came from before Earth and send a scientific expedition there, with the knowledge that they might not be able to get back. The series follow this group of millitary personel and researcher as they try to find a way to contact Earth again and learn about a new treath to Earth that made even the gatebuilder flee. It is original in the Stargate world with it's enemy that do not present themself as god and the relative abundance of advanced technology. I really like this show

Battlestar: Gallactica is a remake of an old 70s sci-fi show. The premises is simple, a race of mecanical being as launched a surprise attack on the 12 human colonies. This surprise attack is more then a complet success of all the human forces only one Battlestar (think battleship) survives and escape with it's complement of outdated fighters. It soon find the rest of humanity survivor... around 48 000 people, inside a ragtag fleet of FTL capable ship. The Galactica along with the survivor embarc on a mission to reach the 13th, lost, mythical even colony: Earth. They are pursued every step of the way by their Cylon enemies and have for all direction to Earth an ancient religious prophecie. I don't want to go into more details to be sure not to spoil the show for anyone but I have to say that at the moment it is my favorite show. The stories are compeling and there is just something that moves me in the struggle of those few human. Particullary since at the beggining of each episode they show the headcound of the survivors... and most of the time it is lower then the previous episode. It is a very dark serie but there is a undelying hopefullness.

Oh and yeah I do mean you HAVE to watch them ;-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Plane crash.

it seems that in the last few days and week it seems that a lot of plane fell down from the sky and crashed some with more survivors then other. So to some people it might be a scary time to fly. To those I have to say, do not worry while you have a less chances of surviving a plane crash then an automobile crash you have a lot less chance to be in a plane crash then in an car crash. Flight regulation are very extensive and planes are sturdy machine built with back ups of just about everything and built to fly even if there is not fuel (well glide technically and not that well for most comercial plane but still).

Planes are safe trust me on that I did my pilot class and even had for a while my flying certificate (yep good old asaathi could fly small plane and gliders... and still would if he had money) and planes flying in canada or by canadian across the world are submited to strick inspection and pilotes are required to be good (particullary commercial pilots). Sure mistake can still be made but thing about this: they're just as many mistake made by surgeon and doctors and you are not scared of them.

So if you have to fly think not about the plane crash but how fantastic it is that you are flying amongts the cloud faster then the wind. And if you ever have the chance of flying in a small plane or glider even if it is a more bumpy ride then a big commercial plane, do it.. the freedom it provides is amazing. And if you ever get the change to fly in a fighter plane well... give your place to me PLEASE!!! I wanna fly a figther plane, it has been a dream of mine since I was little.

A week end far frome home.

Faithfull readers, I am sorry I left you hanging for so long, I've been pretty busy in the last fews days (ok last week) and I did not really have time to post anything. Now that mean you do not know that I spend the week end in anyflower's compagny. So let me give you a little summary of that vacation for me.

First, I awoke at 5h30 am to be able to catch a bus at 7 am so that I could get to the bus station and take a inter-city bus at 8h30. Joy, luckily everything went according to plan and I got to my bus. Fastforward to 11h45 when I got to Montreal and had a date with a woman I met online. First impression: she doesn't really look like her pictures, she was kinda heavier and had all the apparances of someone who had stoped caring about what they ate and if they did any exercise. So since it was a lunch date we set up to go and find a restaurant around the montreal bus terminus. She felt like eating libanese, me not so much. We settled for a libaness-greek restaurant that looked like it had been built in the 50s and had not been renoved (or cleaned) since. I got there thinking, well at least she's good compagny and the food should be good since she recommand the place, Mistake #1. I looked up the menu and well it did not look libaness or greek and since all the plate around my table where of suspicious looking stuff (and not in a that might taste good but I won't touch it kinda of way) I decided to place a safe bet and order a filet mignon, mistake #2. Then as this was supposed to be a date we both ordered a glass of wine, mistake #3. When the wine arrived it was bad, cheap wine. For those of you living in Quebec, they served us: La Cuvé du Marchand, notre vin maison. Yes, that bad. Then the filet mignon arrived, or more clearly the shoe arrived, I thought no one could make filet mignon bad I was mistaken. I have never eaten any steak that hard or that tastless in my life.

Also as diner went on I realised that my date wasn't really my type of girl she could be a friend but definitively not girlfriend material. She wasn't geeky at all, she did not have many interesting things to say. (and this is where I hope she doesn't read my blog) In fact, she pretty much could only talk about sex and be interesting, I could fell it was the only thing that held her interest long. You know those thing you find interesting and could talk about for hours, sex seemed to be hers. so after diner we headed back to the bus terminial to meet up with with anyflower and go to gatineau... at least that was the plan. When I got to the bus terminus I called her on her cell phone. And she told me that finally her parent had changed the plans and where going to be leaving Gatinau at the time she was suposed to get me in montreal.

that means I end up being in montreal for another 2h30. With my "date" we decide to go see a movie to pass the time. We watched the skeleton key, I don't recommand it. Afterward, when thing were getting worse with my date, she was tired and so was I so conversation where getting boring and I was begining to be bad compagnie. So to cut this part of the story short I ended up meeting with anyflower at 6h15 and left for Ottawa-Gatineau.

The rest of the day was great luckily with a stop to the Chapters for a much needed relaxing spending spree and a great diner at the Black tomato. with a great wine that only anyflower can give you the name. We where supposed to go clubbing with her friend afterward but I was too tired to even move.

Saturday started late. We had to do our grocery and some shopping for the night outdoor camping. We got way to much alcool, good foods and lots of fruit and vegetable. We set up to go to our camping ground and prepare for our nights out in the wood. We set up camp, got ready to eat... and reallised that we had forgotten half of what we needed to make a good spagh like we planed so we made do with what we had. It was pretty funny, we build a fire and cooked by the fire. (I MADE FIRE!!! ;-)) The we walked around the shore and ended up in front of a sign taht conviced us not to do any swiming. We walked back to take the rest of the evening off with strawberry and sparkling wine. That waas nice! Afterward we went to sleep only to be awoken by a crazy guy cutting wood at 4 am, with complimantary animal checking out that tent. And also shhh don't tell anyone I told you but anyflower snore...

The next day was pretty relax too with a great diner at The Keg and another night out in the wood. I meet some friends of anyflower too. On average a great day. Finally monday i went back home in train, wich is a much better way to travel then bus let me tell you, juste one thing irked me, there where no plugs for my laptop in the train.

So there you have it the short history of my weekend with snoring anyflower. and sorry anyflower ;-) if you did not want your snorign to become public you should have told me not to speak about it :-p seriously if you don,t like reading it here I will removing it juste tell me throught comments or MSN.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Unionising the student

A few weeks ago I told you about the effort of unionising the student having a job at the university helping the student and correcting the exam and all. Well today those people came to me to sign the union cards so that I could be one of the people making this possible. Needless to say I did not sign it. However, I talked to them to see what it was about and to be open minded.
So after 1 hours of discussion and still not being convinced of their points here is what I found to be bad in there argument:

1. They where not Laval University student, they where a guy from a unionised workshop and the union leader from UQAM. Well normally I wouldn't think this a bad thing except they did not know the situation at Laval and so could not tell me how a syndicate could improve things here.

2. When I told them I did not agree with the concept of mega unions they automatically went to tell me I was against all form of unions. When I tried to explain my point that unions and how I belived it to be they automatically went back to the against all form of union thing.

3. When I told them that the message about union information session did not reach the student (at least in the Science and engineering faculty) they all went: it is not our fault! I guess they are right but I would be much more impressed with someone that would have went: they did not? well we will try to do something about that our goal is that everyone be well informed.

4. They quoted number at me and when I went to check the number on them they went kinda pale. I found the number they quoted but i did not like the fact they could not give me the number before the union got in. If you want to sell me the union give me a comparaison of how thing where before and after so that i can compared them and see that indeed the union made thing better.

5. I felt like they told me some lies. At one time I asked how the union initiative started at Laval and they told me a bunch of falculty including Mecanical engineering. When I sounded incredulous one of them went pale and asked if I was in Mecanical engineering. I answered yes and he seemed releived. It's not much but that gave me the feeling they where lying on that one. Another thing that give me that feeling is that all the other faculty named where in the sociologie building...

6. they did not know our situation at laval. Yes I know I said it twice but that really rubbed me the wrong way. Before you can solve someone's problem you have to know what they are.

So in the end I ended up having a pretty nice conversation on union with them even if they failled to convinces me.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

60 years after Hiroshima

You surely heard, today is the 60th aniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. This is an event that should be kept clear in our mind so that never again such a weapon be used. We should hope that our leaders and the leaders of all country will always have the wisdom to remember the devastation of Hiroshima, to understand the long term effect of radiation, to understand that such weapon can destroy not only our civilisation but all life on Earth and to remember the shadows that is the only remains of human lives lost in this explosion. Before Hiroshima we did not understand the power of nuclear weapon, let us hope that we never forget... I for one do not want to ever be reminded of their destructive potential.

I take a few lines of silence to honor those that fell victims to those bombs and to remember all those that fell in World War II.

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Never forget the Bomb, and never search to build a more devastating weapon, we do not need more ways to kill ourself... just more way to understand each other, to celebrate our difference and to work together toward tomorrow.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Feeling like writing

A while ago, yofed started a contest to see who could write the best story on a topic she had selected. while the contest itself didn't seem to fly (I was the only entrant! wait doesn't that mean i won? hmm Yofed? If you want to read that story it is located here). I had a great time writing it and it really helped my creativity. (now that a reference to the recente anyflower's post about creativity) So now I'm thinking about writing a short story each month, I still have my second entry into yofed contest but I'm still not sure I will post it since it will probably be X-rated.

So well the point of this post is simple I'll be inviting you my reader to do the same! and if you do please send me a link so that I can go and read your story (I love reading story!). So go write your own story! Please!!! write story! ;-)

Oh on another note, once I have finished my predoc examen I'll be working on three thing one of which is a web page. Since I'll be working on a web page I'll probably change the layout of my blog, make it more me, more Assathi like.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today stupidity...

I just heard the following on the news:
" A plane should never hit a ravine, it is not built for it"

Well DAAAA!!!! what kind of stupid person would belive that plane where built to hit ravines! come on you really did not need to say that.. and the worse part of the quote is that it comes from the SRC supposed expert on plane....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from Megantic

Well not to say about today... I drove 3 hours to get back to Quebec and now I am basically waiting for a correct time to sleep. I have to get back to my day cycle get off the night cycle and find myself living like a normal human being.

So in summary we had a normal cycle for Megantic one day out of 2 where usuable and one of 6. was great. the data we took about my galaxiee will need to be analysed before i can say if they are usuable or not. For not it looks like they will be on the barely side of usuable. The detector is not sensible enough in the wavelenght I would need.

On a final thought Yofed just messaged me to say good night and that she would dream of me... so I ask you all, what will she dream about? Please leave you answer in the comments.