Thursday, July 21, 2005

You want the truth you cannot handle the truth

Please note that I translated the comments as best I could. Inside the tunnels of our university there is a mural saying: If the south follow in our footstep we only have 10 years to live. Now, we know that the south is following in our footstep, it is producing more goods, consuming more goods and many northern compagnies are moving south to escape the more severe ecological law. Now, the problem with this mural is that it was made in 1993... 12 years ago. Recently (less then 1 month ago since I did not see it last time I pass through there) someone pointed out that the citation was obivously wrong since we are still alive. What is say is: " You might want to revise your maths or you ecomonics theory... you are obviously wrong."

As you can see there is no attack toward the author's value just a comment on the falsification of the hypothesis stated in the mural. My problem comes when someone "answered" this rebutal with: " You should go back to you ivory tower, stupid capitalist. If you cannot see the ecological truth staring you in the face you do not deserve the air you breath!" the second person is making a judgement on the first person, saying he is stupid because he does not agree with a statemant (that is obviously false... experience disproved it (as I said: 10 year ago the south was following in our footstep and we are not dead.)) that he is capitalist because he talked about economie theory perhaps?

My theory is that the second person did not see that the mural was made in 93. But still that does not give him the right to accuse another persons of stupidity or if that a crime of capitalism (you know that being a capitalist isn't really different from being a communiste, a socialiste, a follower of democratie or anyother kind of governement for that matter... I don't see how it should be a crime but then again I'm supposed to be a right wing extremist according to some student in astrophysics, I try to be a centrist.).

One last thing, I agree with the spirit of the mural. We need to consider the exemple we are setting for the rest of the world and attempt to shape up, help them devellop without making our mistake and the deadline for this is closer then we think. 10 year was a wrong guess 12 years ago, maybe it is not a bad one now... maybe it wrong and we have an hundred year left.. but you know the earth is 4 Billions years old, the human species is 2 millions years old... 100 years is a very short time when compared on that scale and frankly I'd hope our species can outlive the 65 millions years of the dinosaur, they had after all just peanut sized brain....

So everyone, take care and think about ecology and the earth, we only have one even if one day we find another habitable planet. Earth will always be our home, the birthplace of our species... the source of our history it deserve better then the treatement we are giving it.

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