Saturday, July 16, 2005

You listen to Anyflower she knows

Well anyflower (the author of the brain sauce) commented on my last post by saying I was right. So you see I'm right ;-) No but seriously, we should strive for more objective media. It would be much better in the long run and would help reduce propaganda.

On another unrelated topic, there is currently a strange argument in a group I am part of. I won't go into the details but let just say that I hate some of the setup of the groups that makes it possible since the groupe is based in three places to hold reunion without informing most people... and that some people don't want to understand another point of view. (I was gonna say open up their mind but I remembered that to say someone as an open mind usually means: think the same way I do.)

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yofed said...

If you think canadians medias are not objective, you should go in the States... they are screaming propaganda! Or in UAE, where lots of the news are fine, except that they left out some details that are not proper in their way of thinking... After all we are not so bad....