Thursday, July 14, 2005

Scaring people for nothing

Everyone by now as hear the ads about the west nile virus and how we should protect ourself from this "deadly" new virus. This is crazy, the west nile virus, while it can in some RARE case kill people is not a deadly virus, in fact most people probably will never know they have west nile infection and will suffer no ill effect above a bad cold. Now I am not saying the governement should not inform the public of dangers and new virus but there should not be a campaign basically over nothing.

this is like all the scare about e-mail virus a few year back where journalist blew things out of proportion sayiing there where no way to protect yourself from that and all kind of shit like it. What we need is the truth and fact, west nile virus is a new virus and to make sure it does not spread further into our teritory we have to work to curtain the mosquito breeding ground. Don't be scare of going outside, don't fear every bite just try not to help the mosquito spread by doing x, y and z.

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Piccolo said...

But like you often say, "prevention is a good thing". Maybe for you the virus is not dangerous, but for babies and older people it can be. But, what's the problem with prevention anyway? The prevent everybody against smoking and people smoke again. So, what's the difference?