Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A rant about the weather

Well I'm annoy at the weather these days. Normally I don't really care if it hot, cold, sunny or rainning but these days in Quebec it's hot, humide, and possibily ranny. the first two I have no probleme with but the last one since it prevents me from using my bike to come to school (in case it rain) I hate. You see if it rainning there is no problem I go to school by bus there are no probleme, if it's sunny I go on my bike and there is no problem again. However when it a 60% chance of rain, cloudy, humid and hot I can't take my bike because my backpack isn't waterproof and my laptop wouldn't like the rain... but it's never rainning!!!! grr I hate the oh yeah it's gonna rain there is even cloud see and no rain. LET IT RAIN ALREADY!

that was a message of the I'm annoyed at taking 45 minutes to get to the university by bus when it takes me 40 minutes in bikes groups. Please bike responsively and don't forget: Understanding is a 3 edged sword.

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