Sunday, July 31, 2005

Megantic day 5 and 6

Well some of you might have noticed that I did not post anything yesterday for my fifth day at Megantic.. well there is a very good reason for this, I was not at megantic but in Montreal for my close to monthly Dungeon and Dragon Game (GEEK!). After getting lost going to sherbrook (well not really going to sherbrook as I got to sherbrook but going to my friend that live in sherbrook, sorry again to the three of you), I easilly got my final destination in Montreal. I kept tab on the situation at Megantic, about half a great night and half dodge the cloud night. since the good half was on my objects well it's great ;-)

Now for tonight forecast are simple, we will play dodge the cloud! whohooo! well no not whohoo... but hey we will probably get some more data that great no? Well tomorrow I'll be back to Quebec and more daily updates.

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