Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Megantic day 2

Hi everybody, today looks like a great observing day, we have rain falling, cloud cover expected for the entire day and some of the night and of course the obligatory fog hidding everything. Now, just in case it wasn't obvious I was being sarcastic. Right now with the torrential downpoor at the top of the mountain it looks like we will not be observing anything but a closed metalic dome structure. Oh well I should take pictures to give you an idea what we are observing right now in terms of stars.

On related news... there is no related news. if you have some spare clear sky sent it my way k.

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anyflower said...

Here is a little piece of clear blue sky from Ottawa! Just to brag a little more: we had such a nice whether today, 25 degrees, no wind, just the sun everywhere ;o)
That means you have to come here and build a new observatory (so I can see you more often).