Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Idle claw do the devil work?

I just realised that my cat as hours each day to do basicly nothing and we all know that idle hand do the devil work so I assume it is the same for cat. I have figured that he is probably planing to conquer the de world using some kind of mass weapon of people control. So next time you come around to my house be nice to the cat.

On another news I think I have found a way to answer all of apelleri's objection to my idea for my doc, it did involved like she told me the reading of Osterbrock book but still I'm pretty confidant now that I can do it. Just not as easilly as I had plan.

finally, please all take a minute of silence to honor the death of a great Sci-Fi Hero, today the actor that played Scotty in Star Trek died. Farewell James Doohan and I hope you got beamed up into heaven, that would only be fitting.

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