Monday, July 11, 2005

The early worm gets the bird!

now that I twisted this saying I can talk about my early work schedule today. Yep to try to get on a new work schedule I woke up at 5h30 and now I'm at work since hmm 15 minutes at around 7h30. Leaving home at 6h45 is kinda weird, the street are empty or just about, everything looks asleep and you feel like you could use a fews more hours of sleep yourself. But in a way that proves that Quebec isn't a big city... the rush hours here is not even an hour long, a traffic jam actually move at more then 2 km/h and being stuck in traffic means arriving 15 minutes lates at work... wich anyway since 90% of Quebec city worker are governement worker doesn't change the fact that they will start working an hour late ;-)

And annoyingly I can send any e-mails today apparently since the damn wireless network isn't part of the university network but also is part of the university network... which mean that the email server doesn't allow me to send mails but the remote login won't work since am supposed to be on the network! grrr I hate that new mail system.

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