Friday, July 15, 2005

Difference of opinion.

One of the thing I value the most in my life and in my country is the freedom we have to disagree with each other. That might sound strange to some but I think that conflicting opinion and idea form the basic on which a society can evolve. Having lots of idea provide lots of choices and increase the likelyhood that someone will think and get a new ideas. More ideas implies more chance for a new discovery and luckily the answer to a problem, be it social, technical or scientifical.

That is why I am scared when every media as roughtly the same opinion when someone is completly bad and there is no good in something. Maybe somethings are bad, but we need to consider then and think about them to realise by ourself that they are, we do not want someone to tell us they are bad. Media news should be as objective as possible, or if they really want to present subjective news there should be a new network doing subjective news with the opposite opinion, just to be able to see the two side of the debate. And know this there are no debate with only one side, nothing is completly bad or completly right.


apelleri said...

I totally disagree with you!

anyflower said...

See my blog for my answer