Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cheering up and weird dreams again...

Well last night for some reason... none that I could think of which is strange I was feeling down... well it might be because I worked late and stuff like that but I don't think so. Anyway while I was looking for something to do beside go to sleep and hope it would past I remember that I have the slayers: try anime serie... for some reason that series can always cheer me up there is something about the antic of a sorceress that cause more collateral damage than real damage that cheers me up. If you do not know the Slayers anime serie let me give you a little synopsis: Sorceress prodigy Lina Inverse as to find a way to stop some evil powerfull thing and along the way depress propriety value by billions of dollards. For exemple in the first shows of the serie she is ask to save a villages from a dragon.. she does kill the dragon using her patented Dragon Slave spell. Think of this spell as the equivalent of a nuke, you can guess what happened to the village that was under the dragon right? And for some reason I find the low level D&D humor of this show funny... it cheers me up ;-)

On to the next part of the title.. I had another dream I would qualify of weird (no not Yofed weird but still). the dream went like that: I was walking along a quiet street when I am intercepted by one of MTV vg (how do I know it MTV or that she was one of MTV vg no idea.. but I knew), she was a very cute black girl, sporty, short hair and a great smile. So proceed to shove a mike up my face and ask me a question about black performer in music. As I hesitate her cameraman moves away in search of a more talkative target.. she goes after him and I overhear (I pretty sure I shouldn't have heard) their conversation. It went a little like that: "Hey we where not finished with that guy!"
-Come on he had nothing to say and the piece got to be ready by 3 today
-He's hot, we need his opinion..." she keeps taking but I don't hear the rest... then there is some kind of fade to black and I find myself watching TV at MTV (strange again since I do not have MTV or cable). when this interview pass and it is true I do look hot. that is when the dream ended.

I wonder if it means I'm getting narcissic in my old age? Or if I should keep away from MTV vg? ;-) Or maybe it means that I am at least cute? Maybe some girl would like to confirm it ;-)

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Piccolo said...

Somebody wants to take their dreams for reality!