Sunday, July 31, 2005

Megantic day 5 and 6

Well some of you might have noticed that I did not post anything yesterday for my fifth day at Megantic.. well there is a very good reason for this, I was not at megantic but in Montreal for my close to monthly Dungeon and Dragon Game (GEEK!). After getting lost going to sherbrook (well not really going to sherbrook as I got to sherbrook but going to my friend that live in sherbrook, sorry again to the three of you), I easilly got my final destination in Montreal. I kept tab on the situation at Megantic, about half a great night and half dodge the cloud night. since the good half was on my objects well it's great ;-)

Now for tonight forecast are simple, we will play dodge the cloud! whohooo! well no not whohoo... but hey we will probably get some more data that great no? Well tomorrow I'll be back to Quebec and more daily updates.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Megantic Day 4 update

Well, what do you know the megantic curse is once again taking it toll on poor observer. First the spectro focus seem to sucks... there is something wrong with the moving part apparantly. we managed to do it anyway (the focus) but it probably not good. Also right now cloud prevents us from setting the telescope focus.. wich mean that even if all our object where in clear sky we can't observe anything... sucks theoricaly it should clear up later tonight... I hope.

Mégantic day 4

well this is not yet the daily night sky update since it's kinda early to make prediction from the sky but considering we are curently flooded with cumulus cloud it is very possible that we will find ourself with a clear night. No day I'm gonna show you a few pictures of my hiking yesterday, well there ain't much picture to show since I did only take like 3 but hey I feel like sharing! feel the love!

First the begining of the trail we took, it was to be a 5 km trek throught forest, mountains and nothing else.

The second pictures is taken where the tree change, you leave from a majority of leaffull trees to pines and other needle bearer. But since blogger as turned my order inside out.. the first is the second and the second is the first.. that clear no?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Megantic Day 3... what is that? sky?

Welcome to my 3rd day of observation here.. well I should say my first day of observation since we didn't actually observe anything yet. Anyway, today the sky is clean, the weather say everything should be perfect for observing so we should be able to take some nice picture of the sky. If all goes well I will finally try my camera at night sky picture.

oh and I did a first today, I went hiking for the first time in my life into the park around the observatory. It was good but I think my compagnion need more work... she got tired faster then I did ;-) Well that all for right now I might post something else later as the night progress and incredible scientific advances are made!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Megantic day 2

Hi everybody, today looks like a great observing day, we have rain falling, cloud cover expected for the entire day and some of the night and of course the obligatory fog hidding everything. Now, just in case it wasn't obvious I was being sarcastic. Right now with the torrential downpoor at the top of the mountain it looks like we will not be observing anything but a closed metalic dome structure. Oh well I should take pictures to give you an idea what we are observing right now in terms of stars.

On related news... there is no related news. if you have some spare clear sky sent it my way k.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Megantic day 1,

Hi everybody, after an agonising 3 hours drive through every weird name to name a town in Quebec (exemple include: Guadeloupe, Paris, London, Madrid, Barbade, etc). I finally arrived at the Telescope du Mont Megantic observatory. As usual for this particullar place on the earth, clouds greeted me (and my co-observer.. or should I say the main observer and me I'm just a tag along today). forecast for tonight includes: rain, cloud and more cloud, so you probably shouldn't expect to see any pictures of the stars tonight. I'll update our situation as it devellops!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Beware the news...

This news bulletin... show 2 pictures that are labelled as image from telescope and an astronomical agency. The problem is that those image are artistic rendering an not real image from the agency or the telescope. We haven't seen yet a collision between two planet sized asteroid in another star system. Also, there is no (none, nada, nil) picture that show a star beside the sun as something bigger then a point (for scientific accuracy a point source convolued with the instrument response) now, a stars is HUGE compared to a planet...

This is what we can call bad journalism, they should say that those picture are artiste rendering of what we might see... else you get people believing that we can see planete and asteroid colliding hundred of light year away and that feeds conspiracy theory and crazy ideas.

Loto Quebec Fireworks

Last night I went with a few friends to watch the h Quebec firework at the Momorency park Waterfall. I had see this firework competition before but never from close and where I could see everything. It had always been impressive but with all the rest, you know music and seeing all the firework not just the high flying one it's a fantastic spectacle. Now last night was Canada and it was great even tho I do not think they will win the competition, it lacked a little wow factor.. at least according to my taste.

On another not this is my 170th post on my blog! Impressive isn't it? Oh and next week you will get post from an official astronomical observatory! I'll try to give you a night by night post of our progress... it should be fun even if I am not the primary investigator for the mission.

One last thing: Never forget fun and life! my cat sure as hell doesn't ;-)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

You want the truth you cannot handle the truth

Please note that I translated the comments as best I could. Inside the tunnels of our university there is a mural saying: If the south follow in our footstep we only have 10 years to live. Now, we know that the south is following in our footstep, it is producing more goods, consuming more goods and many northern compagnies are moving south to escape the more severe ecological law. Now, the problem with this mural is that it was made in 1993... 12 years ago. Recently (less then 1 month ago since I did not see it last time I pass through there) someone pointed out that the citation was obivously wrong since we are still alive. What is say is: " You might want to revise your maths or you ecomonics theory... you are obviously wrong."

As you can see there is no attack toward the author's value just a comment on the falsification of the hypothesis stated in the mural. My problem comes when someone "answered" this rebutal with: " You should go back to you ivory tower, stupid capitalist. If you cannot see the ecological truth staring you in the face you do not deserve the air you breath!" the second person is making a judgement on the first person, saying he is stupid because he does not agree with a statemant (that is obviously false... experience disproved it (as I said: 10 year ago the south was following in our footstep and we are not dead.)) that he is capitalist because he talked about economie theory perhaps?

My theory is that the second person did not see that the mural was made in 93. But still that does not give him the right to accuse another persons of stupidity or if that a crime of capitalism (you know that being a capitalist isn't really different from being a communiste, a socialiste, a follower of democratie or anyother kind of governement for that matter... I don't see how it should be a crime but then again I'm supposed to be a right wing extremist according to some student in astrophysics, I try to be a centrist.).

One last thing, I agree with the spirit of the mural. We need to consider the exemple we are setting for the rest of the world and attempt to shape up, help them devellop without making our mistake and the deadline for this is closer then we think. 10 year was a wrong guess 12 years ago, maybe it is not a bad one now... maybe it wrong and we have an hundred year left.. but you know the earth is 4 Billions years old, the human species is 2 millions years old... 100 years is a very short time when compared on that scale and frankly I'd hope our species can outlive the 65 millions years of the dinosaur, they had after all just peanut sized brain....

So everyone, take care and think about ecology and the earth, we only have one even if one day we find another habitable planet. Earth will always be our home, the birthplace of our species... the source of our history it deserve better then the treatement we are giving it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Idle claw do the devil work?

I just realised that my cat as hours each day to do basicly nothing and we all know that idle hand do the devil work so I assume it is the same for cat. I have figured that he is probably planing to conquer the de world using some kind of mass weapon of people control. So next time you come around to my house be nice to the cat.

On another news I think I have found a way to answer all of apelleri's objection to my idea for my doc, it did involved like she told me the reading of Osterbrock book but still I'm pretty confidant now that I can do it. Just not as easilly as I had plan.

finally, please all take a minute of silence to honor the death of a great Sci-Fi Hero, today the actor that played Scotty in Star Trek died. Farewell James Doohan and I hope you got beamed up into heaven, that would only be fitting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well geek as I am I had to know what holy beast I am...

You scored 6 Blue Dragon, 46 Red Phoenix, 13 White Tiger, and 33 Black Tortoise!

You are Suzaku the Red Phoenix. You live in good fortune. Suzaku protects the South, and corresponds to summer, life, the element fire, red, and knowledge. Suzaku appears in times of great change and fortune. The Phoenix is said to appear only when a time of peacful and prosperity is about to begin, and leaves when the era is about to end. it is debated wheater the Phoenix causes the changes. Suzaku is often paired with Seiryu. You are a lucky person, you are very intelegent and manage to get by even when most would not.

Link: The Which Holy Beast are You? Test written by PhoenixianMonk on Ok Cupid

A rant about the weather

Well I'm annoy at the weather these days. Normally I don't really care if it hot, cold, sunny or rainning but these days in Quebec it's hot, humide, and possibily ranny. the first two I have no probleme with but the last one since it prevents me from using my bike to come to school (in case it rain) I hate. You see if it rainning there is no problem I go to school by bus there are no probleme, if it's sunny I go on my bike and there is no problem again. However when it a 60% chance of rain, cloudy, humid and hot I can't take my bike because my backpack isn't waterproof and my laptop wouldn't like the rain... but it's never rainning!!!! grr I hate the oh yeah it's gonna rain there is even cloud see and no rain. LET IT RAIN ALREADY!

that was a message of the I'm annoyed at taking 45 minutes to get to the university by bus when it takes me 40 minutes in bikes groups. Please bike responsively and don't forget: Understanding is a 3 edged sword.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

You listen to Anyflower she knows

Well anyflower (the author of the brain sauce) commented on my last post by saying I was right. So you see I'm right ;-) No but seriously, we should strive for more objective media. It would be much better in the long run and would help reduce propaganda.

On another unrelated topic, there is currently a strange argument in a group I am part of. I won't go into the details but let just say that I hate some of the setup of the groups that makes it possible since the groupe is based in three places to hold reunion without informing most people... and that some people don't want to understand another point of view. (I was gonna say open up their mind but I remembered that to say someone as an open mind usually means: think the same way I do.)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Difference of opinion.

One of the thing I value the most in my life and in my country is the freedom we have to disagree with each other. That might sound strange to some but I think that conflicting opinion and idea form the basic on which a society can evolve. Having lots of idea provide lots of choices and increase the likelyhood that someone will think and get a new ideas. More ideas implies more chance for a new discovery and luckily the answer to a problem, be it social, technical or scientifical.

That is why I am scared when every media as roughtly the same opinion when someone is completly bad and there is no good in something. Maybe somethings are bad, but we need to consider then and think about them to realise by ourself that they are, we do not want someone to tell us they are bad. Media news should be as objective as possible, or if they really want to present subjective news there should be a new network doing subjective news with the opposite opinion, just to be able to see the two side of the debate. And know this there are no debate with only one side, nothing is completly bad or completly right.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Scaring people for nothing

Everyone by now as hear the ads about the west nile virus and how we should protect ourself from this "deadly" new virus. This is crazy, the west nile virus, while it can in some RARE case kill people is not a deadly virus, in fact most people probably will never know they have west nile infection and will suffer no ill effect above a bad cold. Now I am not saying the governement should not inform the public of dangers and new virus but there should not be a campaign basically over nothing.

this is like all the scare about e-mail virus a few year back where journalist blew things out of proportion sayiing there where no way to protect yourself from that and all kind of shit like it. What we need is the truth and fact, west nile virus is a new virus and to make sure it does not spread further into our teritory we have to work to curtain the mosquito breeding ground. Don't be scare of going outside, don't fear every bite just try not to help the mosquito spread by doing x, y and z.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cue Imperial march

French link: Pope Palpatine I's opinion on Harry Potter

I'm not a fan of Harry and his group but I found this.. funny in a strange kinda way

Cheering up and weird dreams again...

Well last night for some reason... none that I could think of which is strange I was feeling down... well it might be because I worked late and stuff like that but I don't think so. Anyway while I was looking for something to do beside go to sleep and hope it would past I remember that I have the slayers: try anime serie... for some reason that series can always cheer me up there is something about the antic of a sorceress that cause more collateral damage than real damage that cheers me up. If you do not know the Slayers anime serie let me give you a little synopsis: Sorceress prodigy Lina Inverse as to find a way to stop some evil powerfull thing and along the way depress propriety value by billions of dollards. For exemple in the first shows of the serie she is ask to save a villages from a dragon.. she does kill the dragon using her patented Dragon Slave spell. Think of this spell as the equivalent of a nuke, you can guess what happened to the village that was under the dragon right? And for some reason I find the low level D&D humor of this show funny... it cheers me up ;-)

On to the next part of the title.. I had another dream I would qualify of weird (no not Yofed weird but still). the dream went like that: I was walking along a quiet street when I am intercepted by one of MTV vg (how do I know it MTV or that she was one of MTV vg no idea.. but I knew), she was a very cute black girl, sporty, short hair and a great smile. So proceed to shove a mike up my face and ask me a question about black performer in music. As I hesitate her cameraman moves away in search of a more talkative target.. she goes after him and I overhear (I pretty sure I shouldn't have heard) their conversation. It went a little like that: "Hey we where not finished with that guy!"
-Come on he had nothing to say and the piece got to be ready by 3 today
-He's hot, we need his opinion..." she keeps taking but I don't hear the rest... then there is some kind of fade to black and I find myself watching TV at MTV (strange again since I do not have MTV or cable). when this interview pass and it is true I do look hot. that is when the dream ended.

I wonder if it means I'm getting narcissic in my old age? Or if I should keep away from MTV vg? ;-) Or maybe it means that I am at least cute? Maybe some girl would like to confirm it ;-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

something annoying

I want to buy a physics book.. for my research, but the book going to see a new edition around september so I really don't want to buy it now you know, be stuck with the end of the old editions but still I would like to have the book now! I kinda need it.. oh well I will go and borrow it from the librairy just thought I would share this with you.

Ah Ah!

You thought you had caught me not posting today! well you where wrong! everyone even you anyflower!!! I did post today.. like promised I posted something. well it not really something interesting but I'm working on AGN and how they work and are detected and that not really something I can post about before I understand a little more about the subject so have fun and don't forget, AGN doesn't stand for Annoying Gay Ninja.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The early worm gets the bird!

now that I twisted this saying I can talk about my early work schedule today. Yep to try to get on a new work schedule I woke up at 5h30 and now I'm at work since hmm 15 minutes at around 7h30. Leaving home at 6h45 is kinda weird, the street are empty or just about, everything looks asleep and you feel like you could use a fews more hours of sleep yourself. But in a way that proves that Quebec isn't a big city... the rush hours here is not even an hour long, a traffic jam actually move at more then 2 km/h and being stuck in traffic means arriving 15 minutes lates at work... wich anyway since 90% of Quebec city worker are governement worker doesn't change the fact that they will start working an hour late ;-)

And annoyingly I can send any e-mails today apparently since the damn wireless network isn't part of the university network but also is part of the university network... which mean that the email server doesn't allow me to send mails but the remote login won't work since am supposed to be on the network! grrr I hate that new mail system.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

3 day not two...

well once again Anyflower catch one of my mistake... she must be part of the cosmic mistake correction service divison asaathi... well if you look up one of my french text you will see that I need my own divison of cosmic correctioiin services ;-)

But you know what it doesn't matter, cause well I don't want it to matter! see logical in the extreme!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Being a dorky romantic

Well I think I just confirmed my status as a geeky, dorky romantic kind of guy. Not only did I watch Hitch by myself tonight but I downloaded the movies just to watch it by myself... you know to watch one of those little cute romantic feel-good movie. Well it worked, I feel great in a romantico kinda way. Still single but I don't know there is something about romantic movie that my it better. So I will appologies for not posting in two days by posting every day for the next fews days. How lucky are you ;-)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A view from Madrid

Well I had a few picture left to show you all. those are the picture I took on my trip to La Palma, they where taken in Madrid and show the view from my Madrid hotel when I woke up to go back and finish my travel to Quebec. As you can see we where very close to the aiport, and the sunrise was really pretty. It was also a really good hotel, I had a good night sleep there even if it was only like 4 hours long ;-)

Taking a day off.

Today is raining, and since I can't go to the university on bike I thought I would stay home and work. The last few day I've had a very hard time working and finding inspiration for my pre-doc text. I've decided that what I needed now is a day off, a day where I don't think about that pre-doc thing and forget all about my text. That way tomorrow when I go back to working it will be with a fresh mind and a new perceptive. That should help me a lot or at least break my writer's block.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Weird dream

I had a weird dream last night, I don't really recall the details (I'm very bad at recalling my dreams for some reason.. they must be too close to what I perceive as reality to be of interest ;-)). But here is what I remember: I was in the Montreal subway on a new line (red line to be exact) and I was taking the subway to the last stop on that line (don't ask me what it was I don't remember), now things start to get strange at the second to last station... the subway start to loose it wall and ceiling.. but that like normal since no one, including me, seems to find anything strange there. in the end we are left with a little square where everyone that was in the subway is standing. Then we reach our destination and everyone as to get off quick or the next train will bump us right up in the air. We all get off fast enough and then the next wagon appear in the place of our previous. Then something I don't remember happened and finally I had to get back home... but it's not with the same way. We have to pass a check point, there we are asked weird question (sorry I don't remember them) then there is a place for 13 people not more not less. So while waiting for the 13 people to get at the waiting area I wake up... and forget almost half the dream ;-)

so what do you think it means? aside from: you really should get more interesting dream?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rolling rock gather no moss

Well I'm pretty sure such a saying doesn't exist in english but I found it approriate. This week end I rolls around 100 km and learned about a few path I didn't know about. Now my legs are screaming at me and looking at UN law about tortures to see if there are any way they can get me to stop but probably not. It really fun to feel that tired ;-)

On another random note, woopy goldberg is really not belivable as a scientist. that is all.